7 December 2022

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So we all can relate that the festive season puts a lot of strain on your budget, from Halloween costumes and candy to a turkey that feeds your extended family for Thanksgiving to Christmas decorations and gifts galore!

Saving during the holidays entails more than just saving on various aspects of the festivities. It also entails sticking to longer-term savings goals and avoiding new debt accumulation. We have compiled a list of suggestions to help you plan a fun and fulfilling holiday season without drowning in debt.


Develop and stick to a comprehensive budget for travel, food, entertainment, and gift-giving expenses to protect your wallet from impulse purchases.

1) Before you begin budgeting, establish your spending limit
And keep to your limit. This may necessitate some concessions. Consider what you will require to make your holiday enjoyable and successful.

2) Cut back on your spending

Add up your holiday shopping list, and don’t be afraid to pare it down even further. Make it a goal to spend less money each year.

3) Consider all possible expenses
When creating your budget, be as thorough as possible. Remember holiday suggestions and year-end giving.

4) Keep saving in mind
Continue to save during the holidays to make sure you can reach your retirement, education, small business, or other goals.


1) Maintain an uncomplicated menu

Dinner cannot be considered special unless it includes two types of meat, four vegetable dishes, and three desserts. So, for example, you can omit the macaroni and cheese casserole to serve mashed potatoes and gravy. Likewise, there’s no need to do candied yams if you’re making candied carrots.

2) Make a list and follow it
It’s so simple to go to the grocery store for five items and find chocolate chips, cake mixes, and pies on sale that would make a delectable addition to your Thanksgiving table. The power of suggestion is strong, but you must be stronger and stick to what is on your list to stay within your budget.

3) Make your own instead of buying
Buying a frozen turkey, you can grill is much less expensive than purchasing a fancy catered turkey from a specialty food store. It may require extra effort, but the money you save will be well worth it.

4) Avoid alcohol

If you usually serve wine or other alcoholic beverages on Thanksgiving, consider switching to tea or sparkling cider this year.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to holiday spending is to stick to your regular monthly budget while making some necessary adjustments. Of course, we all want our holidays to be special, but if we end up in debt, it will be more of a headache than a holiday!

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