Meet Jeanetta Cardine

Jeanetta Cardine is a serial entrepreneur, known for her leadership qualities, business
savvy and acumen. She started her first business at the age of 10 years old, braiding hair
for the local girls in the neighborhood. She would later move on to bigger business
ventures as she got older, from event planning, marketing and catering to a medical
transportation service, where she successfully grew the business to several clients and also
acquired state contracts. While at the same time writing a “how to” manual on starting a
medical transportation service as well as coaching other medical transportation owners.
Jeanetta currently is the co-founder and managing partner of Opulent Prosperity, LLC, a
real estate investment and business development firm. Jeanetta has always had an eye for
business and her drive, ambition and determination is what keeps her constantly on the
lookout for the next investment or business opportunity.
Her current project is Help Her Launch, which is a division of Opulent Prosperity, LLC, and
was created as an initial pilot program in September of 2018.
Developed primarily to properly assist women who may have stalled in starting or
organizing their businesses, for whatever reasons, be it fear, motivation, finances, or lack
of support. Jeanetta saw a need to help women properly organize and lay the foundations
for their businesses. While still in its infancy stage, the initial goal of Help Her Launch was
to launch 1 business before the calendar year of 2018 ended. The pilot program officially
launched 2 businesses that year. Thus proving the service was desperately needed, and
Help Her Launch was officially born.
Help Her Launch has launched 4 businesses during 2019.
For more information on our program follow us on facebook, and instagram
@helpherlaunch, or email us at or