About Us

Hello Beautiful,


I’m so glad you decided to join us. Please plan to receive a wealth of knowledge, information and support by joining our tribe! We are here to help women just like you, succeed and become a successful business owner.Β  If you’ve failed to launch your business, this is the perfect tribe for you.Β  Here you will receive the necessary support, inspiration, validation and push to move your business forward. Our tribe is a safe place for women business owners, to launch out into the deep with her business idea.

We Push you into your Purpose!!!!!!!

We provide you with the much needed tools in starting and running a business, we provide insight into getting your business off the ground.

We help you go from learning how to fill out the proper documentation, getting the correct licenses, finding the right options available for accessing capital, to writingΒ  a business plan, and developing your pitch deck for investors.Β  We provide coaching, mentoring, and administrative support to launch your business.

We provide a large network of business owners, who can also assist you with whatever you need to build and grow your business.

And again I say WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanetta Cardine, Founder,