13 April 2022

Hey Luv,

Will you be taking some time off to spend with family and loved ones this weekend, given how hectic this week has been? With tomorrow being “mini” Friday, we’re gearing up for the Easter weekend, so leisure time is crucial.

Apart from working on our businesses, looking after our own well-being is so important! We are natural multi-taskers, but this can come with a price. Always being active, enthusiastic, and hardworking is excellent, but we often end up neglecting our own health. We take care of our business, our family, and our friends but often we’re at the bottom of that list.

Lets look at warning signs we need to look out for which can affect our wellness:

If you are getting sick too often, this could mean you have an overworked immune system. You should also check yourself emotionally. If you find that you are becoming grumpy, overly irritable or overly emotional, and wanting to cry, then you need to get help! Not coping emotionally could  also mean that your stress levels are too high and your stress hormone, cortisol, is overworked.

If you are becoming an insomniac, or have absolutely no energy whatsoever these are also warning signs!

Other warning signs include continuous negative feedback from people around you. You may think you are fine and have it all under control, but your customers or family are telling you something different. It is hard, but it is IMPERATIVE to listen to feedback.

Obviously when this becomes serious, you may need to consult your local Doctor for necessary medical interventions. We all know the basics but we do need reminders of some practical tips on how to look after our health.

Getting enough sleep; eating a balanced diet and doing exercise are all essential. Even walking a few times a week and taking the stairs vs. the lift at work will help in getting your blood pumping around your body, increasing your serotonin levels naturally and increase your ability to cope with daily interactions.
Everyone feels better after doing some sort of exercise. It should be a part of our everyday life.

Learn to say NO. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Don’t over commit to things. As a business owner this may mean outsourcing what you know you cannot handle on your own, or communicating with your customers when you need to extend due dates.

Be organized and build in ME time. Yes, you are allowed to do this! You are your main priority. When you are well emotionally and physically, you will cope better, handle stress better, and be a better small business owner or employee, which means everyone wins! You will also be happier around others, so your customers, staff and family will be happier too.

Women entrepreneurs play such a valuable and powerful role in society, and in order for us to stay on top of our game in whatever capacity that is, we need to prioritize wellness and look after ourselves!

Have a blessed Easter break!

Jeanetta Cardine

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