02 February 2022


Today, I want to speak life into the areas where we often hide the best version of ourselves or are not confident enough to dream in those areas. I am speaking about our FINANCES. I know that some people shrink at the mention of this word. If you are afraid, you best believe that your fear of a word or thing will increase.

In every business, finances are an imperative topic. Whether you are generating a great stream of income or merely starting up, it is something that cannot be ignored. When we speak about our finances, it is imperative to note that many factors contribute to finances in a business and the excess spending thereof.

I would love to cover a few ways we can make the best of the finances we currently have and how we can grow it in future.

Of course I know about the ever-changing décor and aesthetically pleasing videos on TikTok, but STICK TO YOUR BUDGET. Creating a good annual budget plan is imperative for your business and needs to be re-visited and revised often, to make certain that you are not spending more in certain areas and under-delivering in another.
The goal of your budget should be put in place to aid you in achieving more success in every sphere of your business and eliminating the losses.

Do not tell me that you are still printing contracts and invoices? That is so 2002. With everything becoming digital, it has made the process of signing and delivering paper-work very easy. Find online accounting tools that help you deliver quick, paper-less invoices

Skip the crazy queues and do your bill and debit orders all from the comfort of your home or office. Setting up an online banking profile with your bank makes the time and effort spent on paying bills efficient.

TIP: When you feel flustered doing admin related tasks for your business today, take a minute to breathe. Close your eyes and take deep breathes in and out. We do not understand the imperative nature of taking some time out during our day to unwind.

Talk to you soon,

Jeanetta Cardine 

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