8 July 2022

Happy Friday!

Am I the only one or do Friday’s usually feel like it drags and takes forever for the work day to end?

That’s why today I’ve listed a few tips for you on how to keep Friday’s productive – remember they don’t call it:
T – he
G rind
I – ncludes
F – riday
For nothing!

Step 1: Complete Smaller Tasks
No-one wants  to tackle those large projects. Those big to-do’s just seem far too daunting!
Instead, completing smaller tasks allows you to still get stuff done and feel accomplished by end of business —rather than lazing around all day simply because you trying to put off a more time-intensive project. Besides, it’s much easier to get you geared up to start chipping away your overflowing inbox, or even de-cluttering your office, reserve Friday so you can tie up all of those loose ends that pop up during the week.

Step 2: Plan For The Week Ahead
So maybe no productivity trick in the world can inspire you to make short work of your to-do list on a Friday. But, what’s stopping you from planning for the new week? So, take some time to sit down and map out what it’ll look like.

Exactly what do you want to accomplish?

What do you require to get those done?

Are there any large projects or presentations you can spend some time outlining right now—making them easier for the following week?

Step 3: Schedule Meetings
I’m mostly not a big fan of meetings. But, on Fridays— having the opportunity to get up and talk things through with others really seems like a blessing.

Now, I make an effort to schedule as many phone calls, meetings, and appointments as I can on Fridays. It allows me to be social with others—rather than mindlessly watching the minutes tick by at my desk.

Not only will it inspire you, but splitting up your day also makes that never-ending Friday in the office feel way more manageable!

So although Friday’s feel like it’s never-ending, there are definitely ways you can make it productive to ensure that certain tasks are fulfilled and like you’ve accomplished something. ?

Have a fabulous weekend!

Jeanetta Cardine

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