18 April 2022

Hey Luv,

I trust you had a lovely Easter Weekend with your loved ones, and did not forget the reason for the celebrations.

I have a question for you…

Do you remember the day you launched your own business?
You had spent months or even years developing your idea. You may have sacrificed a steady job to become the master of your professional destiny! Having entrepreneur motivation was easy, natural, and energizing at the start, so, why are you struggling to stay motivated now?

Nearly everything in life experiences cycles. If you stop moving, your business simply comes to a halt, and you may find yourself looking for a job after all.

The threat of stagnation should be enough to get your entrepreneur motivation mojo back online. If that’s not enough, let’s look at a few other ways:

Recognize That Business Motivation Doesn’t Last on Its Own
The first step in staying motivated is realizing that motivation doesn’t last without some effort. There are days when you have so much you want to do that you won’t have enough hours. On other days you may struggle to even get dressed.
As does every part of your business, motivation requires constancy. So, recall the thrill you get when your entrepreneur motivation seems to be unstoppable and concentrate on recapturing it.

Expand Your Network
No business can operate in a bubble. Connection to customers, vendors, employees, and other entrepreneurs is VITAL to growing your business. It’s also motivational. I find that one of the things that makes me most energized about my business is the connections I make while networking.

Networking  is about give and take, which means you only get as good as you give!
Be generous with your thoughts, ideas, and connections, and others will reciprocate.
If you aren’t networking because you didn’t think it was worth your time, get out there and start! Not only will you pick up some great ideas, but you’ll also find yourself reinspired!

Focus on Your Goals
We all know that goals are very important. If we fail to set them, how do we know when we have achieved something?
For me, having a goal focus is intrinsically motivational.
Have you met all the business goals you set previously?

Keep in mind that business goals can be moving targets, as circumstances change and reality sets in. What you must avoid is allowing yourself or your business to be paralyzed by indecision!

Stay True to Your Mission (or Find a New One)
Unlike goals, the mission of your business should not be a moving target. While a mission can and should be reassessed periodically, it must, nonetheless, remain a constant for a significant period of time. That’s because it should be driving everything you do.

The world changes quickly. Customers, technology, markets, workforces, and supply chains are in a constant state of flux. In my business, the challenge has always been to respond to change while remaining true to our mission.

How are you keeping motivated?

Jeanetta Cardine

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