30 August 2022

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Let’s quickly define procrastination.

If procrastination just implies delaying anything, as stated by Piers Steel Ph.D. in a Psychology, “then we should be comfortable placing it along with the comparable notions of scheduling or prioritizing.”

However, it’s uncommon for people to feel at ease grouping related problems with procrastination. For instance, bad weather may cause a delay on your flight. The weather and a delayed flight are both completely out of your control.
These issues arise and in no way indicate that you are “lazy” or “unmotivated.”

Since we frequently are aware of the repercussions, if procrastination is nothing more than a delay, that, in my opinion, distinguishes it as a special kind of postponement.

It’s time to identify the procrastination type you belong to in order to understand why you keep putting things off. Alternately, you can be curious as to why you are pursuing other activities rather than creating and executing a strategy.

There are 5 basic categories of procrastinators:

* The Perfectionist.
The most typical procrastinator is probably the one that is their own worst critic since they don’t want to look foolish. They might improperly manage their time by devoting too much time to one project’s component. Or, they decide to completely avoid the assignment, only to scramble to do it at the last minute.

* The Imposter.
This procrastinator puts off doing anything to avoid the chance of being revealed as unqualified or inferior. This kind of procrastinator often learns to feel like an imposter when they are with difficult people to please.

* The Fear-Full.
This person exhibits the most logical form of procrastination out of all the others. After all, it’s quite impossible to find the drive to begin when you detest what you’re doing.

* The Overwhelmed.

A more modern sort of procrastinator is the overwhelmed person, and I believe that many entrepreneurs fall into this group. Sometimes, there’s just too much to do, and it’s impossible to figure out where to start—so we don’t do anything.

* The Fortunate.
Some people believe they perform their best work when under pressure. If they have a history of doing this without repercussion, they have essentially received something in exchange for putting things off.

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