10 October 2022

Hey Luv,

Have you ever heard the expression “what you focus on expands?”

You may be wondering why it is relevant now. Are we not going to discuss gratitude and business? Exactly.

Let us first ask you a question: what is your “work personality”?

Are you primarily concerned with problem solving? Are emergency situations your primary occupation, and you treat them like a video game, collecting “points” mentally for each completed task?

That’s not a bad characteristic for someone in the business. But, wouldn’t you agree that focusing solely on problems increases the number of problems you have to deal with? If you are constantly looking for unresolved issues, your mind will become more sensitive and start noticing them everywhere!

Positive behaviors, such as gratitude, follow the same rule: if you focus on them, they will multiply.

What Is the Importance of Gratitude in Business?

Gratitude is far more commonly associated with personal relationships such as friendships, partnerships, or family. The words “gratitude” and “business” are rarely heard in the same sentence, which is unfortunate because gratitude can sometimes play a critical role in creating a healthy company culture and a productive working environment.

However, its importance in business is frequently overlooked. According to recent research conducted by the John Templeton Foundation, the workplace is the least likely place for Americans to express gratitude.

Although 93% of respondents agreed that a grateful boss is more likely to succeed, and nearly all agreed that a simple “thank you” at work made them feel valued and respected, only 10% were actually inclined to express gratitude. The majority, or 60% of respondents, have never or only once a year expressed gratitude at work!

Practicing gratitude with our co-workers makes us happier, improves our moods, and makes us feel more connected to others. It can improve workplace belonging and respect, which is linked to higher job performance, fewer sick days, and lower turnover.

The study concentrated solely on the advantages of gratitude at work. The following are their key findings:

A culture of gratitude is important in the workplace because it predicts higher job satisfaction.

Practicing gratitude at work increases employees’ appreciation for their jobs in general.

Practicing gratitude at work is related not only to current job satisfaction, but grateful employees expect to be more satisfied with their jobs in six months.

Grateful employees have a stronger sense of community;

Grateful employees tend to focus on the things they appreciate at work rather than those that irritate them.

Gratitude has an impact on more than just the relationships between colleagues and management. They can also strengthen the bond between a company and its customers, as well as between partners or investors.

5 advantages of being grateful at work:

· It recognizes people, not talents

· It develops better leaders

· It has something for everyone

· It fosters relationships

· It has a positive impact on company culture.

What Are You Grateful For Today?
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