30 September 2022

Happy Friday Luv,

BURNOUT – a common problem that many people are dealing with right now.

It is important to note that this is not a unique situation; however, it is a more unique time, which necessitates more tact, different tactics, and more collaboration.

There are simple steps you can take to improve things, as well as simple processes you can put in place to encourage the right behaviors.

Mental Health Awareness Week
There are days in the United States that are specifically designated as mental health days, and they are labeled as such. There are more relaxed terms, such as duvet days, that are used to give someone the day off to rest and recover.

Personally, I am a big proponent of calling things out and naming them as such, as well as taking mental health days, especially when under lockdown.

Principles of Agreement – Clear Accepted Principles
I would strongly advise creating dedicated agreed-upon principles across the business, outlining what are good principles, what behaviors are not acceptable, what appears to be the right thing to do, and, most importantly, when. One-page cheat sheets are also essential.

There are obvious steps to take, such as speaking with HR, but most department or team managers are given autonomy to roll out their own team guidelines; this is where you can lead your team or your business.

Simple but powerful
You can also advise teams to remove work apps from their phones or turn off notifications while on vacation. Removing the app from the home screen or moving it to a new screen, as well as turning off notifications, will help to alleviate anxiety.

Leaders Take the Lead on Major Changes
I would recommend that you present your solution(s) to the leadership team and propose a company-wide solution for burnout and mental fatigue.

The most obvious step is to follow the adage “leaders lead” and demonstrate that you will not check-in or work when you are struggling.

Large Corporations Addressing the Same Issues
Slack recommends that their employees take a Friday off every quarter; other firms slow down in the summer; and some firms have recently rolled out Wednesday afternoons off or extra days off.

This could be something you consider implementing or rolling out.

Transition Strategy
No meetings and extra time off can actually increase stress with deadlines looming or poor internal practices, as recommended in our recent meeting free days require transition plans article.

These are simple but effective, critical steps you could implement immediately to assist yourself and your team to prevent the dreaded burnout.

Let me know how it goes…

I’m Ready To Take The Necessary Steps To Prevent Burnout

Have a fabulous weekend,

Jeanetta Cardine

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