29 April 2022

Happy Friday Luv,

When your business goes through a “quiet dip”, do you become despondent, negative, feel like giving up?

Well let me tell you – slow seasons in business are to be expected!

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably experienced the natural flow of feast or famine, and those times of famine can be really stressful!
We ask ourselves, when is my next client going to book? How am I going to pay for the bills next week? How can I get more sales this month?
Can you relate?

But guess what? There IS a way to beat that anxiety and flow and have more predictability and consistency in your business!
The biggest mistake we as entrepreneurs make is when we are in a season of famine we focus on the wrong things.

So what do you do when business is slow? Let’s talk about how you can maintain consistency and regularity in business throughout any time of year!

Your website or even portfolio is extremely important to your business. Make it count! In the olden days marketing and sales people would go door to door or cold call their clients in order to give a first impression and land a new client or customer.
That doesn’t happen often anymore, your clients are finding your website before they even meet you, most of the time! This means we need to think about how our site is representing our business.
What is your brand personality? Who is your market directed at? What services will you offer them?

No, email is not dead or old fashioned, in fact over 90% of your potential clients and customers log in to their email every single day!
As someone who wishes she would’ve started building an email list sooner in my business, take it from me—it’s a definite game-changer!

If you haven’t been reading my blog much, then you might not know this but…blogging is NOT dead!

Blog posts are pieces of content that live on your website and are discoverable by anyone. That’s a very big deal. If you want some organic search traffic floating through your website – consistent, valuable and relevant content on your blog is the best way to attract new visitors!

When things are slow it’s the perfect time to spice up and enhance your client experience! Go through your website and think about how a potential client or customer might be navigating your site. Do you make it easy for them to get in touch with you? Do they have lots of unanswered questions when they leave your site?
Along with this, analyze each step and touch point you have with your client when they do eventually book you. Are your invoices and contracts sending on time? Are they user-friendly? How can you make the process more efficient and personal?
The goal with your client experience is to make them go “WOW” and tell their family and friends about you!

At the end of the day, slow seasons in business are tough! They’re uncertain, uncomfortable and unpredictable, but, the more you focus on tidying up your loose ends and making things as seamless, and dialed as you possibly can, when a new customer or client does come around, you’ll really start to see your business grow and take off!

I’ll talk to you soon,

Jeanetta Cardine

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