31 January 2022

Hi Luv,

It is the last Monday of what has felt like an extremely long January, can I get an amen?
Time is moving and so is the need for constantly speaking life into the goals that you have set out for yourself this year. I do hope that for you, those goals have shifted from being stuck on a pretty piece of paper you purchased from an expensive mall, and has made its way into your daily lifestyle.

Now, we all have some goals that often seem so crazy and unattainable when we say it out loud or write it in a secret notebook, yet I believe that those dreams and visions are not completely crazy or unattainable. I mean, are you telling me that you are going to allow it to live in your head rent free without even trying it?

If so, I want to ask you a brave thing today. I want you to trust yourself. I want you to believe in those dreams and business plans for your life and stop postponing it further, after you have mentally reached them without even giving it an expiry date. I need you to trust in the desire and passion that flames a dream in you. The same way you trust yourself in the morning when you get in your car and brave traffic. Yes, you may not know what the outcome will be each day, yet you still get in your car and prep yourself for what lies ahead.

Life is exactly like traffic. There are those days when you prepare yourself well before leaving home and reaching your destination. You strap on your seatbelt in the carpark, check your rearview mirror for anything in the back and put on your song needed to brave the journey to your destination. You trust yourself to say: “Another day in traffic, so I need to come prepared”. Yet, we do not often apply these notions and affirmations to the things that set us on fire.
Why do we dream the dream and not pack and prepare ourselves for the traffic that is life? We somehow write down what we want and hope that when faced with traffic, we will have enough fuel to keep going, a good song to keep singing on both the good and hard days and always check our rearview mirrors for the things that lie behind us but never the windscreen for the greater things ahead?

You are needed.
The insecure yet persevering you.
The brave, often withered you.
Your gift and value is needed,
To keep propelling others (and yourself) into their purpose.

Talk to you soon, 

Jeanetta Cardine

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