13 December 2022

When you see brightly lighted markets, special sales at stores, and candlelight in every other window around you, you know it’s really the holiday season. However, there are a few personal indicators of the Christmas season, such as a Festive jingle stuck in your head and a feeling of not wanting to do any work. Indeed, increased boredom at work is directly related to this wonderful holiday season, i.e., the closer you get to the Christmas holidays, the stronger your desire to avoid any serious work.

What Causes HSP?

HSP stands for “Holiday Season Procrastination.” A variety of factors can cause this. For some, the holiday period means planning parties, shopping, traveling, or hosting events, among other things, and all these thoughts lead them to lose focus on their daily office duties. In other cases, employees at all levels frequently take vacations in the weeks preceding the Christmas holidays. So, when so many people are absent from the office, the process slows, affecting your interest in work. Then some take the spirit of festivities and jubilation far too seriously, causing them to lose focus at work.

Check out some tips on how to push past procrastination:

* Make a list – You’re giddy with holiday excitement, but you still have to go to work for a few more weeks. It is extremely difficult to remain motivated to work in such circumstances. However, something better than ‘doing’ work is ‘thinking’ about it.

* Organize and clean up – Do you want to appear busy without doing much work? Try cleaning up your workspace and organizing files, folders, and paperwork that has been lying around your desk all year. You may think you are wasting time, but you are actually doing yourself a huge favor by cleaning your workspace. Also, it’s not just your cubicle that needs to be cleaned; your computer’s desktop may also be cluttered, and it could even be your overflowing email account. Remove all unnecessary files and folders from your computer’s desktop and unwanted bulky emails that consume GBs in your account.

* Go on errands – According to research, we tend to put off tasks that we find boring, frustrating, or complex. If your daily office tasks are becoming too monotonous, try substituting less monotonous ones. You can use this time to finish up incomplete tasks, like going to the office supply store or replacing the cartridges in the printer that are running low on ink. If necessary, you can even run some personal errands, such as scheduling a dentist appointment or shopping for Christmas gifts for your co-workers. However, remember to use them only to refresh your mind and return to work with greater focus.

During the Christmas season, procrastination is a reality, and so many professionals suffer from it, although they don’t want to admit it. But if this has made you realize that you are avoiding work during this time of year, don’t worry about getting it out of your system.

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Til next time,

Jeanetta Cardine

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