11 February 2022

Hi Luv,

Happy Friday! I love saying that, because everything is a choice and so is happiness. So, this is your sign.

I am letting you know that no one is going to show up. No one is going to be meeting your every expectation and arriving on time for all that you require in this life. No one is going to come along and change your mindset over night, do you understand that?

No one can do anything without your permission. No one can show up and somehow change the way you view yourself in the morning, throughout the day and for the rest of your life. Yes, we can sit and debate for hours about the amazing podcasts that stay on your phone and how empowering they have been in your daily decision making, yet it is only through your acknowledgement and willingness to move that those podcasts have the biggest and best outcome.

So honey, this is your sign. Stop scrolling through your social media feeds and exploring pages and hoping that through visual persuasion, the quote that a famous “Tik-Toker” and “Instagrammer” placed directly for you to see – you’ll move. This is your sign. This is your sign to get going and make the necessary changes that are healthy and wholesome for YOU.

This is your sign to relinquish some control on the way you’ve been overanalyzing every thought process and decision-making strategy and allow yourself the space to grow. To grow who you are and how you move towards the things that truly inspire you and give you a desire for more.
This is your sign that you do not have to play victim to the cruel and unwanted opinions of a stranger who too, does not have everything figured out.
This is your sign to stay true and authentic to your truth, to liven up the crevices of your life that have been placed in darkness because you are afraid of the opinions of people, who too have dreams but instead of living it out, they pick on you and mock you for your brilliance.

Live your life through authentically expressing who you are and how honesty always attracts light and love.
I hope that this is one of the many reminders and affirmations you place in your subconscious, and when you enter your dream state- it will play like a record. Always reminding you of who you are and the power that lies within you.

Much Love,

Jeanetta Cardine 

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