18 August 2022

Hey Luv,

Let me ask you – Do you own a Journal?

I do, and it has changed my life!

Here’s why:

Keeping a journal has several advantages for the people who do it. In actuality, it enhances stress reduction, it raises self-awareness, and it even benefits mental health.

By organizing your ideas and rewiring your brain, journaling can also improve your mood and make you more optimistic.

Writing in a journal can help authors and other creatives get their creative juices flowing. By keeping a daily notebook, you can establish a writing routine and force yourself to write even when you don’t feel like it.

What differentiates a journal from a diary?
A journal is similar to a diary, with a few minor differences.

A journal is a discipline that aids in the organization of your thoughts, feelings, and ideas while a diary is essentially a compilation of experiences and occurrences.

What should you jot down?
If you’re unsure about what to write in your journal, try these suggestions:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and other goals
  • Activities to achieve your aims- Affirmations- Emotions
  • What you are grateful for
  • Keep track of opportunities
  • Starting with a journal prompt is another technique to journal

Why should you use a journal?

  • Every entrepreneur needs some downtime to collect their thoughts, manage their duties, etc.
  • Writing in a journal reduces stress. Your mental health and level of daily stress can benefit from having a secure place to identify feelings and emotions.
  • Keeping a journal is a great habit. Someone who has good habits can follow a regimen and be more productive. You develop more discipline by maintaining a new habit.
  • Fosters creativity. You can jot down fresh ideas as you journal, for example.
  • You can reflect on yourself. A healthy technique to gauge your development and raise your consciousness is through self-reflection.

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Yours in Business,

Jeanetta Cardine

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