29 August 2022

Hey Luv, Happy Monday!

As businesswomen, we frequently forget to take a moment and express sincere gratitude for our success because we are so preoccupied with developing, expanding, and making more money.

Even though it’s excellent to be ambitious, we must be careful that it doesn’t turn into greed because we are constantly striving for more money, success, and progress.
Keep in mind that businesses and entrepreneurs frequently make poor business decisions and fail as a result of greed.

It should be obvious that starting a business would never be a smooth path. There will be many ups and downs filled with difficulties, but it doesn’t hurt to take a moment now and then to express sincere gratitude for the accomplishments you have already made.

Additionally, numerous studies have revealed that practicing thankfulness promotes better health, happiness, charity, and a host of other positive outcomes.

As simple as it may seem to show appreciation, it can occasionally take some practice to rewire your thinking such that you view situations with thankfulness, especially during difficult times.

Therefore, today I’d want to discuss the benefits of practicing gratitude and how you may start doing so on a daily basis for businesses.

What Does It Mean To Be Grateful?
Being thankful is having a warm, heartfelt sense of appreciation for everything in the world, your life, and the people in it.

It involves directing your attention and focus toward everything you value. That doesn’t imply ignoring challenges in life and business, but rather looking at them from a different angle.

Once we reach a state of thankfulness, we recognize life’s goodness. We acknowledge that our life is valuable and worthwhile to live despite all the challenges we encounter, how far we are from achieving our goals, or the financial problems we go through.

Consider the scenario where you sign a fantastic client and are eager to collaborate with them. Everything is going as planned, and you’re doing a great job at your job. You complete the task, but for some reason it didn’t turn out as planned, so you cut ties.

You might feel a little annoyed, disappointed, and maybe even a little furious with yourself, whether it was your fault or the clients’. As a result, you might choose to see this situation with thankfulness rather than feeling unhappy.

When working with this client, you may be grateful for the things you learnt, and you never know when this experience might be useful for your subsequent client.
It entirely alters your point of view and nudges you in the direction of happier emotions.

Why Is Being Grateful Important?
We now know what it means to be appreciative. But “what’s the point”, you might be asking.

In today’s overstimulated environment, we always seek out the greatest products or marketing strategies. Therefore, nothing is ever sufficient. There is always something else to do, something else to start, something else to get for the business.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why Being Grateful Is Extremely Important:

1. Gratitude is a powerful force that attracts more prosperity into your life and business
2. It has been demonstrated that feeling grateful can make you happier and more confident
3. By creating a calmer mental state and reducing stress, gratitude makes it easier to think clearly and make wiser judgments
4. It is draining and a little toxic to take success and successes for granted while concentrating exclusively on the next goal
5. Gratitude can be therapeutic because it helps us come back to the present and practice mindfulness
6. If you employ others, failing to show gratitude and appreciation for their efforts may discourage them from going above and beyond for you

What are you grateful for today?

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