2 August 2022

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Let’s Talk About A Growth Mindset…

An optimistic view and a conviction that anyone can learn, develop, and expand their talents. The Fixed Mindset, in contrast to the Growth Mindset, holds that certain abilities are inherent and unchangeable.

A growth mindset is when you are committed to learning more and improving yourself and are confident that you can achieve your goals via diligence and hard effort.

Innovation and transformation are more crucial than ever, with so many industries and enterprises confronting digital disruption, the influx of new technology, continual changes in customer behavior, and shifting expectations.

How do you then build teams and team members that can rise to the occasion and keep your company moving forward, evolving, and expanding? How can you provide a good example for others and exhibit the traits they need to achieve by having the correct mindset and actions yourself?

Why Is a Growth Mindset So Important in Business?
According to research, businesses that have a growth mindset are more successful. These businesses benefit from increased employee motivation, better teamwork, and more creative innovation. Everyone at the company encourages effort and recognizes, applauds, and celebrates attempts to learn more, try new things, and otherwise grow and improve.

What a Growth Mindset in Business Looks Like:
– Don’t assume you can accomplish everything on your own or that you need to have all the knowledge yourself; ask for assistance when you need it
– Be open to trying new things and other methods of doing things, as well as to change.
– Be curious and always ask questions.
– In order to identify areas for improvement, proactively ask for criticism on your work and performance.
– Don’t criticize yourself; instead, focus on what you can learn from your failures and how it can help you do better in the future.
– Focus on your own growth and development and enhancing your skills instead of being depressed about other people’s accomplishments and comparing your success to theirs.
– Don’t be negative about other people’s achievements or measure your success by them – just focus on your own growth and development and improving your skills compared to where they are now.
– Work hard and put in the hours. Dedicate yourself and try as much as you can, give everything (or at least most things) with all your might.

Having a company where growth mindsets are developed and encouraged will have a significant impact on your strategic success.

Strategy often involves change, transformation, and innovation, and a company where teams are collaborative, experimental, analytical, and inquisitive will find the journey from strategy to execution far smoother, likely more enjoyable, and certainly more successful!

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