3 October 2022

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Being motivated is an essential component. We are always driven to turn toward or away from something. We are motivated to look for food and consume when we are hungry. We are driven to flee an uncomfortable situation in order to find safety.

Our cortisol levels increase and we begin to feel less alive when we lack motivation. Additionally, the amount of cortisol in our bodies can increase how stressed we feel. Dopamine helps us overcome this. The substance that makes us feel happy is found in the brain. This is what motivates us to work toward our objectives because after we finish a task, we get a rush of dopamine and are inspired to move on to the next one.

We are able to continue progressing in the correct way because of it.

If we relate this to what is currently happening in business, there is a lot of uncertainty, many employees are facing layoffs, and it is challenging for leaders to accurately describe a goal that everyone should be working toward.

How do you motivate yourself?
Each of us has a chemical mechanism called motivation. It affects how oxytocin and dopamine are distributed throughout the brain. Our social connections produce oxytocin, and our levels of purpose and trust produce dopamine. These two substances will inevitably increase and decrease depending on how we conduct our business.

Oxytocin and dopamine levels fall along with motivation when employees are cut off from their coworkers, believe that their work is meaningless, or don’t fully trust the top leaders in the company.

How can you overcome motivational barriers:

Gratitude above Compensation
Every company’s finances have likely never been scrutinized to this extent before. Additionally, many companies currently lack the resources to raise salaries or offer bonuses to employees in order to retain them. Fortunately, material gain has never been the main source of motivation. People are motivated in various ways, such as by feeling recognized, valued, and able to make a difference.

Escape crisis mode
Being concerned with how to maintain a business sustainable in these times is absolutely not a negative thing, but it can happen when leaders are no longer apparent.  Furthermore, a perceived lack of direction might cause motivation to decline quickly.

This can be summed up as follows: If there is terrible news, people will worry. If you share bad news, people will still be concerned. If you don’t disclose terrible news, people will worry even more. Therefore, you might as well share it and put the company’s combined intelligence to work.

Provide opportunities to be creative
People much like to be involved in a crisis and given the chance to try to handle it themselves. It not only involves people directly in the company’s future success, but it also prevents rumors and gossip from stifling motivation.

One thing about motivation is that it increases when we have the capacity for creativity, especially during times of need. When we’re not feeling stimulated, it might be tough to feel creative, and given our current extended period of solitary work, it can be more harder.

When you’ve successfully motivated personnel, your firm will exhibit four key characteristics: strength, adaptability, resilience, and endurance.

Teaching people how to tense their muscles and celebrate their accomplishments is successful from the standpoint of strength, as I mentioned before.

To release oxytocin, flexibility involves creating these different teams and fostering trust among them.

Resilience is about your organization and its personnel being bouncy.

At this point, individuals are driven to overcome unforeseen external hurdles.

When you observe the persistence of their enthusiasm, employee motivation will undoubtedly be successful.

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Yours in business,

Jeanetta Cardine

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