24 August 2022

Hey Business Lady

If your efforts to achieve success have failed, it may be time to change your strategy and implement these wealth-building techniques.

Many people contend that all of their past successes were the result of intuition. They’ll advise you to “trust your gut,” as if it were obvious what they meant. However, something isn’t working if you’re not where you want to be in your life.

There is not one method to do anything, I want to emphasize before I begin this list. With the exception of cutting cookies, I dislike “cookie-cutter” solutions for most problems. If you know how to use it, your charismatic personality might be your greatest asset. So many individuals waste their entire lives—sometimes for decades—trying to force something that doesn’t fit them.

Stop if that describes you or if it sounds like you might be falling into that trap. You might have a good sense of character. You might be an innate hustler. Even if you have connections to influential individuals, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have all the knowledge necessary to create money and a lasting legacy.

So allow me to offer three counterintuitive wealth-building and legacy-building tactics that can give you the advantage you’ve been searching for.

1. Start with yourself
I am aware of how distracted you are by all the outside factors. After all, if you cross that elusive threshold of “success,” you’ll be a happier, better person, right? But why do you believe so many would-be millionaires and entrepreneurs give up?

In addition to your physical and mental health, which are both extremely important, you should know yourself and ask the following questions:

– What’s driving you?
– Who are you doing this for?
– Why do you seek the outcomes you claim will make you happy?

For many of us, the issue is that we end up having to live by someone else’s rules. It would be beneficial if you could better define who you are and what you want from life. What do you envision yourself to be in the future?

You will know what you’re aiming for once you have created a crystal clear picture of who you are, what you do, and how it feels in your ideal existence.
When you have that, carrying out your goals will feel nearly effortless.

2. Increase your prices
You have probably already heard of this concept. Although I’m sure you can see its logic, when it comes down to it, you’re unwilling to accept it. Why? Concerned that you might damage client connections and lose their business.

Do the math, though; that’s fair.

A couple of tips on how to do this:
Increase your prices. You’ll probably lose some of your clients, but you’ll more than make up for that loss if just a few of them accept your price increase.

Create “evergreen” services – depending on what you perform, but the general idea can be used (to a point). Find a technique to provide your clients with the service “pre-recorded” rather than having to be present in person or on the phone live. You will be using a lot less resources and your product will be scalable as a result.

With regard to legacy, you’ll have more clients that support you and your services. More individuals will have positive opinions of your company.

3. Prioritize your network
You’re undoubtedly already aware of a network’s significance. You know, “your network is your net worth.”

You have thought about promoting your services to a larger audience at some time throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Social media is where most individuals begin. It’s the best technique to expose your goods or service to the people who will most likely profit from it.

4.62 billion individuals use social media, which is little over half of the world’s population and 93.4% of those with access to the internet. The fact that 60% of your new clients will typically originate from recommendations makes this even more attractive.

You should still engage in marketing, but you need to focus your efforts where they will have the greatest impact. You need to pay attention because your network accounts for more than half of your new business.
As a result, devote 60% of your marketing budget to joining a mastermind group.

One last piece of advice
When implementing new techniques, we frequently experience strong internal opposition. That is occasionally ego. It can sometimes be pride. There is always a dread of change. But don’t be hard on yourself. Start introducing fresh evidence gradually to your experiences to demonstrate the effectiveness of your new techniques.

Enroll in the networking event. Take part in a mastermind group. Alternately, get in touch with a current contact and propose to pay them lunch in exchange for some suggestions.

Baby steps are the key to success. So make sure you’re taking them.

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To Your Success,

Jeanetta Cardine

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