7 March 2022

Hi Luv,

It is our second week in March and some exceptional things have already bloomed. I know that by now, you must be getting into the swing of your month and slowly but surely finding your setting.

In the hopes of keeping track of what is happening in and around us, I believe it is imperative to highlight the time in which we find ourselves. There is a lot happening in the world and if you have chosen to switch off, it is okay. Even though we are in the process of overcoming and moving from a 2 year period spent in our own company and spaces, we are surely starting to see the light at the end of the “COVID tunnel”.

I would hope that beyond the sadness that has filled our timelines and Twitter feeds, that you are aware of the month in which we are. We are celebrating the beauty and wonder that is Women’s History Month. A month that celebrates the birth and genius that is women. We are one, we celebrate one and we become one.
There is much weight in a name and a title. To be a woman is to carry weight and value without even knowing one’s name. It is through us that brilliance is born. Beauty is birthed and becomes a gift that never stops giving.

We must be mindful of the value we carry as women and the weights we carry of those around us. This month is meant to highlight the historic nature of women who chose to pave different paths set out for them by a system. A system that was often more restricting and elite. These women are the ones who walked a painful path of innovation and imagination. I wonder if today you do not know a woman that embodies this role, that you would be reminded of your own strength and resilience as a woman. That spark that lives within you and creates a fire for those in need of warmth.

Maya Angelou is one powerful women, who struck us with her lightning bolt words. She used poetry as a weapon to overcome hardships and tread in water where women were not meant to be.

“You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise. ”

Rise and do not slumber on the sacrifices of those whose shoulders you are treading upon.

Let us celebrate the month of historical pioneers!

Jeanetta Cardine

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