21 June 2022

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Without a doubt, yes, the fear of failing is one of the biggest enemies in the business world especially as an entrepreneur. And not only this, but it affects us as well, by directly or indirectly reducing the quality of our lives. Some people are aware of this, others not so much.

In terms of business and business opportunities, many people have the potential to become entrepreneurs but not all use it. Entrepreneurs have their own reason and stories about why they did, what they did.
When starting their businesses, they were driven by different goals, and their source of motivation was individual. Some had the right idea that would bring them profit, others probably dreamt of owning a business their whole lives.
And of course, there are those who are completely repulsed and fed up by the idea of working for a boss and constantly being mistreated and underappreciated.

What they do have in common — all of them — is the fear of failure!

What’s even more important, the second and most significant mutual trait they share is that they all conquered their fears to start a new journey, as entrepreneurs.

Now, it’s your turn.

Can you only imagine how many great ideas have never seen the light of day?
Creative and ambitious young minds are constantly afraid of starting their own business, thinking they’re not ready yet, waiting for that to happen. But it never does.

Perhaps you remember at least one event in your life with this storyline. You really wanted to do that thing, but your fear and anxieties took over your mind and they made a decision instead of you. After some overthinking, you realized how big of a mistake you’ve made.

It’s cliché I know, but trying and failing is much better than never trying at all.

So, I advise you, start today! Just because you are not 100% ready, doesn’t mean that you are not able to do it!

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Jeanetta Cardine

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