9 February 2022

Hi Luv,

How are you?

Happy Wednesday and here’s to your wealth. Your wealth that goes beyond your finances and stretches over into your physical well-being.

I thought that I would check-in with some positive feedback about helping you with your business and how you can go about adding to your success. It is no secret that success does not come overnight, yet there are steps that we can take on a daily basis that are a great benefit in us obtaining it.

1. Patience
You will find out that Rome was not built in a day and neither is your business. It takes true perseverance and consistency to see a dream and business through. There is not much to say about this topic accept to be patient.

You constantly need to re-evaluate your business decisions and assess if they are adding to your success or if they are the ones truly dragging you down and behind.

2. Be a Visionary
Now, I am not speaking about you deep diving in your dream state and hoping that once you awake, answers will arrive.
Being a visionary means that you are aware of the hurdles that lie ahead, but regardless of them, you will continue to pursue your dream. It means that you filter out the noise and focus on your dream and the time it will take to build it.

3. Be a Risk-Taker
The odds might not look good most times but you have to put it all in and take the risk because when you don’t, nothing happens. But when you do you could win big time. Even when you fail you learn, hence, you grow from your mistakes.

Taking risks doesn’t mean you blindly do things. It simply means that even with inept surveys and research things could take a wrong turn. Therefore, you have to be ready for whatever outcome and it shouldn’t stop you from trying again.

4. Be a Self-Promoter
Successful Entrepreneurs never get tired of promoting themselves or their business.

You might think your business is out there already and think the little fame it has is good enough. But the truth is there are a lot of people out there whom have never heard of it and are in desperate need of your product or service.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a local business or an online business. Never get tired of self promotion. Go to every non-business related function with your business card and keep giving it out like a flyer.
If you are just starting out then you know better that no one will get the word out there for you, except you.

5. Be a Networker
Every powerful and successful Entrepreneur you know, networks because they know the power of networking.
You might be shy or an introvert. But if you really want to grow your business and make good money then you must learn to network.

Go to parties, gatherings social or formal with the intention to connect with new business-wise people. Just like trying to make friends but this time for business purposes.
Grow your network and grow your business.

The list of habits of successful entrepreneurs can go on, however, these are some of the best habits (to me) that you can start practicing and watch how you become better at running your business.

Yours in Business, 

Jeanetta Cardine 

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