8 April 2022

Happy Friday Luv!

I’m sure you are looking forward to the weekend, like I am.

Today let’s talk about being productive.

Having a busy day, doesn’t necessarily mean your day is productive. We start each day with the plan to get so much done and then we do the total opposite. We get distracted by focusing on low-priority tasks and, simply, procrastinating.

How can you regain control of your time? – One long list on how to be more productive won’t work. Lets outline productivity techniques that can adapt to your personality and working style.

There’s three basic guidelines to help you through your work day:

1. Trust the small increments
Change doesn’t happen overnight, small changes in how you work can gradually build up to big changes in productivity. Try something new to start, and keep listing more as you find the strategies that work best for you. If you’re trying to do too much all at once, you’re often accomplishing very little.

2. Be present
Whether it’s check-ins with a co-worker once a week or setting your own deadlines and announcing them to others, having to answer to someone else can often force you to get the job done.

3. Be patient with yourself
You are human! Accept that you are sometimes going to slip up, no-one is perfect. It’s more important to move on, making up for lost time.

A Biological Impossibility:
Thinking of juggling multiple tasks at the same time? Like calling your co-worker while typing an e-mail and checking your Facebook page. You may feel as if you’re being productive, but you’re probably not getting those tasks done efficiently.

Your brain may trick itself into thinking that it has more capacity than it really does, but it’s really harder work to handle multiple thoughts at once when you are switching back and forth between tasks.

Your ability to get things done depends on how well you can focus on one task at a time, whether it’s for five minutes or an hour.
Set up a work environment that promotes the performing of one task at a time, and ignore or block out distractions.
This is the only way you will become more productive and eventually, focus becomes easier.

I’ll talk to you soon.

Jeanetta Cardine

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