13 September 2022

Hey Beautiful Business Lady!

Do you realize that the days of portraying women as caregivers are long gone!

Today, female business owners have overcome formidable barriers to ascend to the highest levels of corporate organizations. Women perform well and are praised for their leadership abilities.

Today, a woman can advance to any location or position.

1. Women Can Network
In line with technical improvements, social networking has been growing quickly. For women, socializing has never been a problem, and they can communicate their emotions to others effectively.

2. A woman’s intuition
Due to the role that hormones play, women are notorious for being emotionally impulsive. However, women are also renowned for their capacity to direct their energy in the correct directions, particularly when they hold positions of authority. When a minor detail becomes out of hand, women’s sensibilities ping.

3. Women are Tolerant
Who is more effective at pacifying the family—parents, husband, and children—than a mother? Any management school student would benefit from learning from her ability to seamlessly transition between responsibilities while ensuring that quality is not compromised.

4. Women are multitaskers
Being a friend, wife, mother, colleague, employer, daughter, sister, friend, and having experienced all of them allows me to comprehend and work with any part of an issue. Different approaches to handle each circumstance are required for a mother at home and a leader at work. This provides women an advantage in managing a variety of situations.

5. Women Are Patient
Who says women aren’t our everyday heroes? With tremendous power comes great responsibility. Women have always struggled to go above and beyond to become trailblazers in a variety of fields since they were raised in a patriarchal society where men are always given the first chance to achieve in life.

6. Women Are Receptive
Men and women are known to empathize differently. They show themselves to be excellent problem solvers since they can accurately detect the thoughts and feelings of others. They value mutually beneficial partnerships and have a more cooperative and collaborative stance.  While logic can only get you from point A to point B, an empathic heart can provide joy to millions of people.

7. Women are adaptable
Women always find themselves working alone in an environment where men predominate. This offers them the advantage of being heard, acknowledged, and having their place in society understood. All women have experienced the struggle of learning self-control in situations where there are no other people to relate to.

8. Cool-power Management
Women have an advantage as the business world transitions from a hot to a cool power leadership because their skills are not exerted through authority but rather through interpersonal contact. She tends to take a more holistic and introspective approach, which makes her a stronger and more successful leader than her male counterpart.

Working with women is not difficult, even though being a woman is. She is given the added push to be at the top by her innate predisposition to be superior listeners who can handle difficult situations successfully and come up with smart solutions, defying all obstacles and leading by example.

This is proof of how AMAZING we as women are! Need more proof?
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Yours in Business,
Jeanetta Cardine

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