20 September 2022

Hey luv,

It is possible that you can earn six figures if you so choose.
Nothing in this world can stop you from being wealthy if you have the appropriate money mindset and I am able to show you how to earn six figures annually.

The ideal household income for a family of up to four is $350,000. Families are being forced by inflation to work more just to keep up with expenses.

You are making a solid six figures at current income levels, which will allow you to purchase most of your wants. However, you are not making a six-figure salary that requires a lot of labor and is subject to significant taxes.

Individuals earning over $400,000 and married couples earning over $450,000 may also see an increase in taxes and paying even more taxes won’t feel good if you’re already working 60 or more hours a week and feeling miserable.

Let’s start with these basics for earning six figures:

1) The desire – You must be motivated to earn a lot of money if you want to make six figures.

2) Effort –
Unfortunately, you will first need to put up a lot of effort. Perhaps you’ll get out of bed earlier than everyone else. Otherwise, you’ll start networking like a madman. No effort = no outcomes.

3) Knowledge –
The more knowledgeable you are, the simpler life will be.

4) Positivity – Positive people have greater success in life. When things go wrong, optimism will keep you moving forward. Because you have faith that things will get better, optimism will inspire you to do great things. Optimism ensures that you will always head in the right route.

5) Character –
At the very least, it’s crucial to be polite. Your charisma will, at its best, convert nonbelievers into believers. You’ll attract others, and they’ll naturally want to start working with you and helping you. Respectful while also being kind. There will always be detractors. Accept them.

Would you like to start earning 6 figures?
I can help you do that, book a strategy session and let’s get started.

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Jeanetta Cardine

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