25 July 2022

Hey Luv,

It’s crucial to have confidence in your ability to achieve. To be successful in business, you must have confidence in your skills and abilities.

However, you must also accept the possibility of failure and allow it to guide your behavior.

What you perceive to be a lack of belief is what causes the biggest internal crises. We frequently lose trust in ourselves, question our purpose, and ultimately give up when business suffers, clients don’t appear, or methods are unsuccessful. Briefly, we have doubts.

Here’s a secret: You nearly never drown due to a lack of faith. It’s a lack of uncertainty. More significantly, you don’t honor your doubts enough to embrace them because you don’t comprehend what faith and believing actually entail.

You must have faith, and a necessary component of that faith is giving yourself a heaping helping of uncertainty and second-guessing practically every choice you make. In actuality, the more you doubt, the more strongly you believe.

Give that some thought. We frequently extol the virtues of those businesspeople who are so devoted to their cause that they pursue it despite the countless negative effects.

But isn’t it preferable to express our doubts, which, after all, come from the same mind and heart that initially guided us down this insane, irrational, unstable path we call entrepreneurship?

The same head and soul that propelled us to experiment, try something new, shift perceptions, assist our communities, and serve our consumers also begs us return to tradition, conform, and labor quietly and meekly.

For those of us who are adventurous and bold, ignoring those screams frequently feels like the right course of action. However, that wouldn’t be the right strategy because we would be disregarding ourselves. And only we can fully determine what is best for us.

We try to dismiss doubt, but we know we couldn’t live without it. It can be a valued, constant companion. Our conscience is doubt. Our inclination to question everything is doubt, which serves as a reminder that scientific rigor can teach us more than our dreams can ever hope to. Doubt can be both our enemy and our ally.

Our check and balance is doubt. Without a doubt, we would pursue our goals foolishly rather than strategically. Yes, it can be difficult to ignore our doubts. Perhaps you will sob yourself to sleep.

But it will all be worthwhile because doubt will ultimately serve as your source of motivation. You’ll be able to see your company more clearly if you harbor doubt.

Clarity will be provided on professional interactions, character flaws, harmful habits, and the awful results of your otherwise noble objectives.

Doubt might motivate you to pivot, or change as it is known in the business world. You share your idea with the world, receive immediate response, and decide how to move forward after considering it. Occasionally, you move forward.

To be clear, having doubts about oneself does not equate to abandoning up. That’s not healthy doubt; that’s hopelessness and despair. That has the potential to be as harmful as blind faith. Instead, think of skepticism as salt, which, when used in moderation, enhances all flavors but, when used excessively, dries out the mouth and raises blood pressure.

When you think you know everything, you miss the joy of discovery that our world offers us each day.  To the entrepreneur, it’s more likely to be that customer you hadn’t considered, that product you never pondered, or the partner you had never approached.

So embrace doubt, and let it strengthen your belief and faith in yourself. Rather than ignoring that voice in your head, honor your doubts enough to validate the belief you have in your own capabilities to shine.

Yours in Business,

Jeanetta Cardine

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