23 September 2022

Happy Friday Luv,

Time to kick off your shoes and relax! But before you do, here are some tips to keep in mind:

This is something that many of us struggle with on a weekly basis; even those who take pride in their focus and productivity have times when they get off track or lose their focus and require different methods and techniques to battle “focus fatigue.”

1. Take a break
Did you know that taking breaks can help you avoid procrastination and improve your focus on a task? It is critical to remember that it should be a break, not several breaks.

2. Timebox
Although it is hard-wired in us to meet a deadline with a time limit, if you give yourself 30 minutes to focus on something, you will be surprised at how quickly you can complete it or reclaim your focus.

3. Take a walk
Walks are not only good for creativity and resetting your mindset; they are also excellent for providing a fresh perspective on an issue or task.

4. Increase your water consumption
When speaking with sports coaches and nutritionists, the first thing they recommend is a diet change and increased water intake; this is no different in a professional office setting. Drinking more water (and less caffeine) is usually the best course of action.

A small amount of chocolate and nuts has been shown to help with concentration.

5. Breathe
Over the last five years, I’ve been introduced to three different breathing techniques, the first of which is to breathe in for two seconds and out for four, ten times, and the other two are variations of this technique, 4 in 8 out and 5 in 10 out in two rounds.

Breathing is critical for managing stress, anxiety, and sleep.

6. Break the cycle by doing something enjoyable
Get out of your environment is always the most important piece of advice experts give, especially if you’ve lost your focus or are having difficulty finishing something.

You can play Nintendo, read a chapter of your book, go to the gym, have a cup of coffee, and go for a walk. To refocus, the cycle must be acknowledged and broken.

7. Make a plan
This will make some personalities shudder, so I recommend switching seats and perspectives, as well as writing out all of the most important steps to get there. Writing is important because sitting for many hours stirring at your laptop or PC creates blocks.

Prioritization is an effective way to combat lack of focus.

8. Nap

A nap is proven to help regain or provide focus in a foggy mind and is not something you can do in an office setting (well, most).

9. Brainstorm
Although it may appear counterintuitive to data-driven individuals, brainstorming is an excellent way to shift focus and look forward to something positive.

Consider forming a small group to regularly brainstorm or discuss ideas.

I can help you with more tips, click here and let’s chat.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Jeanetta Cardine

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