17 November 2022

Hey Luv,

When it comes to launching a new business, I live by “go big or go home.” Regardless if it’s a client’s new brand and website, any significant projects deserve to be celebrated!! New launches are a great way to get your audience excited about your business and help you expand your reach and attract an even bigger audience. More importantly, large launches can result in large profits.

It’s always ESSENTIAL to create a buzz around your business, so here are a few ways to launch your company:

1 | Do an exciting countdown!
Countdowns serve two functions: they remind your audience of the time limit and build anticipation and excitement amongst the people. I can think of many brands and businesses whose countdown to the launch of their new website, product, or business venture kept me on the edge of my seat and encouraged me to tune in on the exact day and hour. You can begin a countdown within your blog posts, blog sidebar, homepage, or social media accounts.

2 | Giveaways are a MUST!
Our Help Her Launch Her Business T-shirts are a perfect giveaway and are an excellent way to engage your audience in your launch through shares and feedback. In addition, you can expand your reach by requiring them to share the launch with their audience on social media by giving away items relevant to your business and appealing to your audience. Depending on the timing of your giveaway, it may be advantageous to begin the giveaway a week or two ahead of time to grow your audience before launching a new service or product, or you can create a giveaway on your social media account.

3 | Create a cover page for your website
Cover pages help build anticipation while making final adjustments and getting everything set up if you’re launching a new shop, website, or brand. They can also give your audience a preview of what’s to come and direct them to your social media pages and newsletter sign-up. This is also an excellent location to display a countdown to your launch.

4 | Share teasers and sneak peeks on social media
We all enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes photos and sneak peeks. So share images and ‘teasers’ on your blog and social media accounts to invite your audience to your new launch. This builds anticipation, increases engagement, and makes your company more personable.

5 | Encourage others in your industry to spread the word about your new product
Networking has numerous advantages, particularly for new product launches. If you’re about to launch a new brand, consider assembling a dozen gift packages with your new business cards and other thoughtful items that reflect your new look and mailing them to industry influencers. Ask them to share your launch on social media on a specific date; you might be surprised at how eager they are to participate. Send free copies of your new e-book to industry leaders and ask them to spread the word. Take notice of the tremendous benefits of networking and building a community around your launch.

6 | Write about it on your blog
Use your blog to generate buzz before, during, and after a launch. Share the process, explain the benefits of your new brand/service/product/offering, and sow the seeds of the launch long before you reveal more details. You could even make a blog series out of it all by taking your readers behind the scenes of what you’ve been up to in preparation for the launch. You can be creative with this one, but don’t underestimate the importance of blogging in launching a new business.

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Yours in Business,

Jeanetta Cardine

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