2 November 2022

Hey Business Lady,

You’ve been saying it for years, but you need to get more organized this time! No problem, get your Help Her Focus Planner and put it to good use, and you will be on your way to a more well-rounded, productive life!

What Is the Function of a Daily Planner?
69% of people consider themselves “busy” or “very busy” regularly. A daily planner allows you to achieve a more efficient work-life balance and better use of your time. It also assists you in remembering important dates, tasks, and any other details you require to stay organized, regardless of how minor.

Typing or writing things on a digital planner or paper allows you to analyze the big picture into smaller, more manageable sections. Giving you the ability to plan and prepare for your future, and as a result, you will be less likely to drop the ball on anything important.

What Are the Different Types of Planners Available?
A paper planner, digital planner, or bullet journal planner can all be used. Paper planners must be carried with you, whereas digital planners can be accessed via your phone. Bullet journals are also a good option if you prefer to make a list.

A digital, paper or bullet-style planner organizes your life by hour, day, week, or year.

– Hourly Planners
If you like to stick to a strict schedule, consider purchasing an hourly planner. Every hour of your day is divided into 30-minute time blocks, line by line, so you always know what you’re doing and where.

This type of planner is ideal for those who travel frequently or work in client-facing professions such as lawyers, realtors, or doctors.

– Daily Planners
Each day of the year has its page in a daily planner. To-do lists, appointments, and inspirational quotes are frequently included to keep you motivated. In addition, you can see what needs to be done each day, narrowing your focus on what needs to be done right now.

– Weekly Planners

On a Sunday, with the new week approaching! You can use a weekly planner to get your ducks in a row. You’ll see all seven days laid out on one page, giving you time to plan.

– Monthly Planners
This is a trendy type of planner. On the page, you’ll see a month laid out with individual boxes for each day. Monthly calendars are ideal for families with children participating in extracurricular activities and students who must keep track of due dates.

– Yearly Planners
What happened to the years?!
Time passes quickly, so by tracking your business operations, you will have a good idea of your growth trajectory and be able to reflect on each year. In addition, you’ll be less likely to have scheduling conflicts if you plan for milestone events, vacations, and other special occasions ahead of time.

Beginners’ Guide to Using a Planner
The truth is that you will not begin using a planner by accident. Of course, you could have the best intentions at heart, but the only way to get started and stay on track is to have a solid strategy.

Are you prepared to begin using a daily planner? To stay on track, follow these steps!
1. Purchase a stylish daily, weekly, or monthly planner. If you work better digitally, you can also download a digital planner
2. Begin filling in birthdays, upcoming appointments, and other essential dates immediately
3. Place your planner in a visible and accessible location. It should be visible every day
4. Make it a habit to check your planner twice daily: when you wake up and before you go to bed
5. Construct a system for entering information into your planner. It could be a specific ink color, or it could be small pictures instead of words
6. Immediately record any new commitments, tasks, or events that arise

Let’s get you organized – get your Help Her Focus Planner and Journal today!

Yours in Business,

Jeanetta Cardine

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