6 April 2022


Hey Luv, happy Wealth Wednesday

It’s all good and well that we’re working towards growing our business and striving to reach those well set out goals, but how good is it if we don’t look after our health?
Being a business woman, a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, we cannot fulfil those roles if we are not taking care of ourselves.

When your health is absent… wealth becomes irrelevant. Business women speak with individuals daily about building and investing their money. But in my opinion, there is little use in building on wealth if you don’t have your health.

The condition of your own health and wealth can be managed, analyzed and reviewed with annual assessments by experts, but you should ensure that you have the right professional offering you advice in order to take action based on the advice you receive.

In simple terms, those who are healthier and who live longer tend to earn more.

The basics for living a healthier lifestyle are widely approved and known to many people. They include eating the right foods for your body, cutting out sugar, exercising regularly, no drinking and smoking, getting plenty of sleep and avoiding stressful situations.

And if you’re like many entrepreneurs out there, this effort may feel like wasting time and you would much rather use the time to be working. But there are many proven reasons embracing a few self-care tips can be very worth your energy.

Self-care is necessary. What’s the point of having a successful business if you can’t live a long, healthy life to enjoy the fruits of your labor?
Always take care of yourself!

Jeanetta Cardine

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