27 September 2022

Hey Business Lady

I’m sure you understand the significance of having a social media presence, especially in today’s times.

Below I’ve added some tips for you on how to scale your business and increase Instagram followers:

Create a strong brand identity – Whatever your company does, you must have a strong brand identity. Every social media post should reflect this. Every social media action you take should reflect your brand’s voice. People are drawn to brands with a strong identity. Aspects such as brand voice and colors are fundamental marketing decisions that will assist people in recognizing you.

Engage your audience – Don’t always consider your social media platforms to be ongoing advertising campaigns. Start conversations and make connections. Respond to comments and promote genuine debate.

Posts should be strategically scheduled – Try to strike a balance between posting frequently enough to stay relevant and posting infrequently enough to appear spammy.

Schedule posts on social media using a social media calendar. There are numerous dashboards available to help you consolidate all of your social media platforms so that nothing is missed.

Make use of hashtags – Hashtags are an excellent way for new followers to find you. Concentrate on relevant hashtags that can be targeted to people who are genuinely interested in your area, product, service, or values. In this manner, your hashtags will work in your favor.
Brand-specific hashtags are an excellent way to encourage followers to share photos of your products while also bringing in user-generated content.

Create Partnership Campaigns with Other Businesses – Joint content campaigns between non-competing businesses provide tremendous exposure. This opens up the possibility of reaching a completely new audience. A great collaboration will benefit both brands by gaining new followers. Make use of influencers and brand advocates as well. User-generated content has a high level of engagement.

Post Creative and Engaging Content – If you want people to follow you, you need to give them content that excites them. This will make them want to re-share your posts with their own audience.

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Jeanetta Cardine

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