14 February 2022

Hi Luv,

I know that today is a special day for some who truly celebrate. It’s Valentines day yes, but I hope that you are celebrating love beyond this day. Whether it’s the love you have for your spouse, partner, or the love you shower yourself with.

I wanted to lean into the month of love and remind you in case you needed to hear it. I know that it’s another week in February and based on the people I spoke to last week, majority of them were experiencing some tough hours, moments and days. People are definitely feeling the stretch of this month and I know that sometimes I am too.

Yet, I would love to remind you about the qualities that you hold. Yes, even on the days when you are feeling weak or overcome with hurt or immense emotion, it is okay to give in to your emotion. It is in fact important.
We always want to fill ourselves with great affirmations and stories of how to overcome our sadness and moments of doubt , yet we hardly teach ourselves about how to deal with and feel the emotions that are not always our best.

We watch movies and series where people are constantly lying to one another and uttering the famous words every female says when she does not want to inconvenience someone else “I am okay, it is fine!“. Is it really though? Because I can promise you that if you do not give your “feeling of lows” a name, it will continue, and you will continue it as a feeling of unknown, not knowing what is happening to you.

When you are in doubt, wallow in that emotion for some time while you figure out what the name for it is and you allow yourself the time to feel and heal through it. Remember, you are not the only one experiencing lows, it is a common thread of success. Before the feelings and achievements of success can come through, we often feel like imposter’s. Never truly grasping the fact that we are indeed able to perform the tasks set out before us, and that we are capable of doing it well.

I hope that you save this email for those days especially. When you need a reminder that it is okay. It is okay to feel sad, anxious and even lonely. It is part of your journey and if ever those are the emotions you go through, there is always help. Someone or people who are willing and able to hold your hand and guide you through the days when you need it most.

Enjoy Valentines Day.

Jeanetta Cardine

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