2 December 2022

Building for Growth
Accelerating Profitable Growth for Minority and Women-Owned Construction Contractors

Building for Growth (BFG) is a brand new tuition-free executive education program developed by ICIC to assist BIPOC and female construction contractors in developing capacity and long-term growth strategies that position businesses to increase revenues and profits.

The first cohort of BFG started in the Spring of 2022, with a maximum class size of 50 independent companies, for-profit corporations in the construction industry, at least 51% BIPOC- or woman-owned, and have annual revenues of $2MM – $10MM, or are on track to reach or even exceed $2MM within the next three years (companies with current revenues below $2MM will be evaluated based on recommendations from nominators, as well as the business’s growth trajectory and readiness).

Why Should You Enroll in Building for Growth?
Thinking strategically means deciding which opportunities are worth putting your time and energy into and which ones you should pass up.

The BFG program will help you make a plan that carefully evaluates and chooses opportunities to help your company grow sustainably and profitably. It will also give you a detailed road map for putting your plan into action by giving you more access to capital, top-notch technical assistance, and mentoring while gaining a broader network of contacts.

The BFG program will assist you in the following ways:
Build your backlog:
Fine-tune your growth strategy and connect with our diverse group of general contractors and companies that buy subcontractors from general contractors.

Access capital:
Fine-tune your pitch for capital and solicit direct feedback from bankers.

Improve your bonding capacity by developing and refining your application with direct feedback from our bonding experts.

What distinguishes BFG?

ICIC has been helping small businesses become more startingly minded, gain access to capital, and develop in a way that grows their profit in the long run. Our programs are made to give them the tools they need to succeed and thrive in today’s competitive and challenging business world.

As a BFG participant, you will have access to the following:
Gain access to a wide range of industry partners, such as financial and bonding institutions, municipalities, and large prime contractors.

Peer-to-peer business-to-business networking:
Join a lively group of BIPOC- and women-owned contractors to build and grow your network of peers.

Individual experts/practitioners:

Construction industry practitioners and experts in their respective fields will teach classes (e.g., the bonding course will be led by an agent from a surety company)

Technical assistance:
In real time, apply practical solutions and growth strategies to your business.

Please join us on December 6 and 8 for this year’s virtual conference. There will be educational content about recovering in an economy after a pandemic, high-profile keynote speeches, and many chances to network with over 1,000 business owners from all over the United States and Canada. Attendees will walk away with more effective business recovery strategies to help them build capacity, stay agile, and keep the doors open as they lead their businesses and communities into 2023 and beyond.

Click here to register now.

Yours in Business,

Jeanetta Cardine

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