9 August 2022

Hey Luv,

What’s your secret to success?

One of the most frequently asked questions in the business world, everyone will have a different response to it.
Some business owners claim they rely on their technical expertise or industry knowledge, while others attribute their intuition or sense of humor.

According to research, these are the things other professional women entrepreneurs are passionate about and consider to be their “secret weapons” – they use these to succeed…

1. People and intuition skills
The best entrepreneurs build a theory, then act on it based on instinct and available technology to solve really difficult issues. If you disagree, then the most crucial thing for a non-technical entrepreneur to accomplish is to consistently cultivate a profound grasp of human wants and behaviors.

Talk to others. Find out what they believe, how they think, and what their fundamental assumptions are. If you consistently do this, you’ll have the finest understanding of the course that your product should take.

2. Inquisitiveness and Resistance

I always start by asking why, how, or what.
Observe the subtleties: What lies behind a seemingly straightforward statement made by a client or employee?

I do an experiment and consider what would occur if…
Have the fortitude to try again, ask more questions, and bounce back if it doesn’t work. The trick is to try again. I definitely fail more often than I succeed, but I make adjustments based on what didn’t work. How do you evaluate and solve problems?

3. Changing With The Times
Early on, I realized that successful entrepreneurs aren’t always the most intelligent. Furthermore, it isn’t the people with the most wealth, or even the finest teams. Entrepreneurs that succeed are able to adjust to the most unforeseen, challenging, and apparently unachievable changes that happen every day.

The best skill to have is the ability to carry on in an uncertain world while working with people who can change their behavior at any time due to personal circumstances.

You will always be successful if you have the ability to change direction in an instant and modify your offerings, your way of thinking, and your team to stay up with the market and other factors.

4.Knowing Yourself
When you’re starting a business, it’s easy to forget about yourself, but the irony is that when you’re not at your best, neither is your work or the results you produce.
It has been easier for me to hear when my intuition is telling me to say yes or no to something.
As a result, I am better able to relate to my team, our clients, and our partners and ensuring that the decisions we make are in line with who the true version of me is.

5. A Diverse Perspective
Through intuition and emotional connection, I’ve been able to understand many circumstances better. We perceive problems and circumstances in a different way, frequently coming up with solutions or original viewpoints.

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Jeanetta Cardine

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