21 June 2022

Hey Luv,

Let me tell you, the benefits of gratitude are endless, but often easier said than done if we’re stuck. Getting started can feel overwhelming and building a habit can take time.

One of my favorite ways to practice gratitude is using a gratitude journal. Use these tips to help get you started on your gratitude practice!

Benefits of practicing gratitude

Gratitude Breaks The Cycle of Negativity
Forcing yourself to see the positive things in life can break the cycle of negativity. It’s easy to get sucked into downward spirals, especially if we suffer from mental illness such as anxiety or depression. It can become impossible to see the good in our lives when it reaches this point.

Gratitude = Mindfulness
The “searching” for the positive in our day forces us to be mindful. Instead of going through life on auto-pilot and letting our subconscious dictate what we should focus on, we take back control and become more mindful of things to be thankful for in our lives.

A Gratitude Practice Encourages Self-Reflection
Again, it’s easy just to go through life without ever questioning processes. But a gratitude practice can really promote self-awareness and reflection.

The Law Of Attraction
The law of attraction is the theory that everything you put out into the universe, you attract. So if you put out positive thoughts, positive things happen!

Take it from me – Journaling WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Yours in Business,

Jeanetta Cardine 

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