12 September 2022

Happy Monday Luv,

So, quarter four has arrived, as have the “fourth-quarter blues.”
Rather than bemoaning missed targets, consider the following suggestions for motivating employees and inspiring a successful fourth quarter.

The end of the year is frequently accompanied by increased stress and the added pressures of finishing the quarter on a high note. Furthermore, this time of year is notorious for employees feeling unmotivated and uninterested.

So, to kick off Q4, I wanted to share some pointers for motivating your employees in the final few months of the year and encouraging a successful quarter.

Start planning early
With the approaching holidays and the distractions of parties, socializing, and time off, Q4 often leaves less time to meet end-of-year goals and produce high-quality work.

Start setting goals early in the quarter and outlining how you intend to achieve them so that everyone is on the same page. Consider implementing a countdown timer to hold employees accountable and ensure they understand when tasks should ideally be completed.

Set realistic goals
It’s fine to dream big when setting Q4 goals, but it may be better to set more realistic goals that are attainable for your company and employees. Examine the initial company goals established in Q1 to see how far you have progressed and what can be done to make a final push toward meeting those goals.

Consider establishing Q4-specific goals to refocus employees on their current tasks. They should be relevant and challenging, but not so intimidating that employees become discouraged and give up.

Make contact
Maintaining open communication among employees and management is critical to a company’s overall success. As we enter Q4, it is more important than ever to ensure that everyone is on the same page companywide, as we near the end of the year.

As a result, it is critical to openly communicate with your employees about fourth-quarter goals and what is expected of everyone to meet those goals. If possible, meet with employees one-on-one to discuss any questions or concerns. If you are unable to meet with everyone individually, make sure that employees are aware that they can contact management at any time to discuss Q4 tasks, goals, and so on (as well as about any other relevant topics).

Recognize and celebrate accomplishments
Employee recognition is important all year, but it doesn’t hurt to give some extra recognition during Q4 to boost motivation and engagement.

How do you keep motivated during the fourth quarter?

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