22 September 2022

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So when asked what makes them so successful, 2 business owners both said one word: focus.

Here’s why it’s critical:

Simply put, focus is the ability to pay attention to things that will benefit you while avoiding distractions that will harm your work efforts. To finish a report, for example, you must concentrate on the relevant information and analyses that will comprise the report. You must also avoid common distractions such as emails, being hungry or tired, or being distracted by others.

Focus is critical because it serves as the gateway to all other types of thinking: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. All aspects of your ability to think will suffer if you lack focus. You won’t be as effective at work if you aren’t concentrating on the right things or are distracted, because you won’t be able to complete your tasks.

You’ll also be less efficient if you’re not focused because every time your mind wanders away from your work, you’re wasting time. Finally, you will not be as productive as you could be because your work will be of lower quality and will take you longer to complete.

Here’s a simple truth: if you can’t focus well, you can’t think well. And if you can’t think effectively, you can’t possibly produce the quality of work required for success. From this vantage point, it’s easy to see why focus is such an important tool for business success.

How to Improve Your Focus
So, how can you ensure that you have optimal focus at work, resulting in productive and efficient outputs? Here are a few simple suggestions:

– De-clutter your mind:
I’m sure you’d agree that a cluttered mind makes it difficult to focus. You won’t be able to focus if your mind is filled with things to do, such as everything you have to do today.

So, go through your tasks and rank them in order of importance. If you’re like most businesspeople, you have tasks on your calendar that you can either delegate or put off until another day. The less mental clutter you have, the better you will be.

– Create a focused workspace:
It’s not uncommon for businesspeople to have cluttered offices filled with photos, books, a cluttered desk, and an always-on screen. A cluttered work environment indicates a distracted mind.

Remove unnecessary clutter from your office to help you focus better. Simultaneously, get rid of anything that doesn’t serve a specific work function. Bottom line: a simple work environment is more focused and less distracting.

– Understand your technology: Your technology, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, is the single greatest impediment to staying focused in this digital age. Pings, vibrations, and other notifications alerting you to the arrival of a voicemail, email, text message, or social media update are a constant source of distraction.

Recent research on so-called multitasking has revealed two things. First, people who claim to be great multitaskers (as most business people do) are actually the worst multitaskers. Second, there is no such thing as multitasking, at least not in the workplace. Perhaps the best thing you can do to focus is to turn off your technology when it’s time to work and concentrate solely on the task at hand.

– Concentrate on the four Ps:
The first P stands for perform. When you start a project, such as a sales report, strategic plan, marketing analysis, or financial projection, ask yourself what you need to do your best and then create an environment that allows for optimal performance.

The second P is process, which entails focusing solely on what needs to be done in order to complete a high-quality product without regard for the outcome.

The third P is present, which means paying attention to what is happening right now rather than what has happened in the past or what might happen in the future.

Finally, the fourth P is productivity, which entails concentrating solely on the tasks at hand and avoiding distractions.

If you can master your ability to focus and block out distractions, you have given yourself a powerful tool that will allow you to consistently perform at a high level while remaining effective and efficient in your work efforts. As a result, you will produce higher-quality work, achieve greater success, and achieve your career goals.

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