19 October 2022

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As women it’s a constant battle to get ahead in our businesses and here’s why;

Start-up companies are almost always created through ambitious people’s dream projects. However, success is often associated with innovation. Entrepreneurs face fundamental challenges: innovative ideas, fierce competition, and an excellent team. Above all, however, is capital. An empire cannot be built without investment. The same is true for female start-up funding.

While numerous capital ventures are in the market, the struggle remains on your shoulders. What’s more difficult? Despite multiple initiatives promoting women’s equality and empowerment, female entrepreneurs face more obstacles than men, with funding being one of the many challenging obstacles.

Male entrepreneurs have an advantage in the field of marketing; however, due to a gender-biased society, women have a more difficult time establishing their businesses.

Here are some of the obstacles that female entrepreneurs face when seeking funding:

A Battle To Be Taken Seriously!
Our male-dominated society does not accept a woman in a leadership role for a variety of reasons, including orthodox thinking or the fact that some men have fragile egos. It’s unfortunate but true. In many ways, our system is responsible for defining women as the weaker gender. Females, on the other hand, tend to be more supportive than men. When it comes to funding, capital lenders have a difficult time trusting a female-led start-up.

How To Overcome These Issues:
– You can ignore the negative chatter and concentrate solely on the project.

– Carry out your plan, create a powerful presentation, and devote more time to the pitching required to present in front of investors.

– Be self-assured when demonstrating your concept.

Poor Networking:
Fundraising depends upon your whole idea and more prominent visibility. Getting the attention of investors is a challenging task, as male entrepreneurs are likely ahead when it comes to networking. Women prioritize their safety and tend to have a conservative nature, which lacks their motivation for socializing. Thus, it is safe to say that networking opportunities are organized around male interests.

To overcome this challenge:
– Women can expand their reach among various female entrepreneurs.

– You can be open to new ideas and be courageous enough to approach female investors first-hand.

Limited Funding Availability:
According to the study detailing our biased system, 89% of investors within the funding industry are male, with male-bias funding creating an unequal divide. As a result, women with solid presentations need to catch up to the competition. When other start-ups are granted capital, it is natural to feel demotivated, even after putting in long hours on the pitch.

To address this issue:
– You can connect with capital ventures led by female entrepreneurs.

– Certain types of bank loans are available to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

– You can also participate in various entrepreneur competitions.

Not Enough Support:
Capital ventures seek an active and dependable organization to invest in to avoid risk after investing. While this is a problem for both genders, women face it more frequently. Expecting 100% effort and loyalty from employees with an urban mindset toward females is challenging.

To address this issue:
– A strong team within your tribe. After all, why should men have all of the advantages?

– Creating a team with a majority of female employees will significantly improve the work environment, resulting in increased productivity.

Undoubtedly, many more issues exist that cause stumbling blocks on their success journey. However, being confident and never stopping moving forward is one of the most basic solutions to any problem. To achieve your goals as a good entrepreneur, you must learn to face them head-on and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Click here and let’s strategize on how we can get ahead.

Yours in Business,

Jeanetta Cardine

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