7 February 2022

Hi Luv,

Monday. I do not know how many there are in a month and I do that by choice. I simply show up each time to this day having gracefully prepared the night before. Continuously shifting my mindset to a greater version of myself.

I know that this day is often dreaded by many and I am certain that if I were to do an Instagram poll, the results would be ambiguous. I do not understand why, but I do know that it is certainly something that needs to change. How you treat and perceive a particular day or thing in your life, has a great impact and outcome on your success.

Now, measure success how you deem necessary and valid in your life. Whether it be by the amount of zeros you accumulate in your bank account each month or how you spend your time with your family, success lies within. I personally love reading books and often find myself sitting with a pen to highlight the quotes or sentences that stand out most. In a book that I did not perceive to add much value to my life, I found the most unlikely quote.

“Fear of a name, only increases the fear of the thing itself”

Read that as many times as needed to make sense. We all have a fear attached to a particular thought and action in our lives. We often store unrealistic scenarios of these fears and the possible effects they could have, deep in our subconscious and awake to them playing out in our dreams, often giving us that real-unreal emotion when we truly wake up. Yet, I wanted to ask you, with the quote above in mind: WHY DON’T YOU SHOW UP FEARLESS INSTEAD OF FEARFUL?

Yes, it may be beyond the way you see a Monday but there is fear in the way we often move and that is scary. How are we showing up fearful to the dreams and visions for ourselves, when somehow we want the best out of it. How are we believing for the best but move with a fearful heart of the trials that lay ahead? Of course, as humans we do, but how about we gradually change that!

Instead, how about we show up to our dreams and businesses in spite of our fear. That for one glorious moment we simply latch onto our fearless nature and set sail towards the best that is yet to come. Always being aware of the trials that lay ahead, but continuously showing up fearless and giving way to fearfulness.

I hope you are able to reflect on this, and find the thing that you fearlessly show up to.

Talk to you Soon,

Jeanetta Cardine 

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