26 August 2022

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Growing your business is one of your top priorities as a business owner, but as a small-business founder, you understand how difficult it can be. You might not have the resources for extensive marketing campaigns or the time to devote to growth when you have so many other responsibilities to attend to.

So how do you increase sales and expand your firm as a founder in this situation?..

It’s called “growth hacking“. The phrase describes the process of testing various corporate growth strategies, including marketing, product development, sales segmentation, and other areas.

The easy growth hacks listed below might assist small business owners in quickly expanding their businesses.

1. Make content marketing a priority
Content marketing is a worthwhile tactic for small businesses because it costs 62 percent less and produces almost three times as many leads as traditional marketing.

A blog on your website that offers interesting and helpful information positions your company as a specialist in your field and can help you establish credibility with your audience.
Tip: in order to monetize your traffic, keep your blog simple and straight to the point with calls to action.

Additionally, blog entries can increase website traffic, boost SEO, and turn visitors into paying clients. For your blog entries, do some research on high-volume, low-competition keywords to expand your readership and draw in more of your target demographic.

2. Customer retargeting on Facebook and Google
Retargeting is a useful growth tactic to get those purchases you might have otherwise missed out on. Retargeting on Facebook and Google uses a pixel that you upload to your website and allows you to display targeted adverts to users who have previously visited your website.

Previous visitors to your website will see advertisements for your company as they browse other websites on the internet, enticing them to come back to you.

3. Use coupons with an exit-intent
An excellent strategy to increase your email list and get more customers is to provide visitors a voucher in return for their email address. Many people won’t pass up the chance to save money since they appreciate getting a deal.

A wonderful technique to capture visitors’ attention is by using an exit-intent popup. These popups can detect when a person is about to leave your website and present a coupon at the ideal time.

4. Display social proof
Most buyers research products online before they buy. In fact, a survey found that 84 percent of respondents trusted online comments and reviews just as much as they would a personal referral. Make it simple for clients by including social proof on your website’s pages.

5. Upgrade your content
Your email list can increase quickly by offering content upgrades on your blog postings. A content upgrade is essentially a freebie that is provided within the blog article and is pertinent to the topic.

For instance, you could provide your readers with a free PDF download in exchange for their email address. Your readers are probably going to be interested in the additional content you’re presenting and will click that download button if you’ve written an excellent blog post that already has them intrigued.

6. Implement calls to action on social media
Want your social media followers to take action on your behalf? Ask them! Utilizing calls-to-action will help you get more views, likes, and shares across all of your social media platforms. Clients can even be directed to your website to sign up for your course or to join your mailing list. If you want people to share, like, or join up for anything, make sure your call-to-action is simple and obvious.

7. Ask for feedback
Asking your clients is the best approach to determine what aspects of your business are successful and which ones are not. Your company can always use improvement, and enhancing user experience or customer service can both significantly increase revenue.

So there you have the few benefits that growth-hacking can provide.
These tactics are a wise strategy to expand your business rather than waste your time on unsuccessful marketing. With the help of these tactics, your small business may compete with the industry’s larger competitors without breaking the bank.

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