4 November 2022

Happy Friday Entrepreneur!

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and weighed down by your to-do list in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. You can, however, learn to manage a busy schedule and stay on top of your workload with a touch more organization and some effective time management techniques.

One of the main advantages of being your own boss is setting your own schedule and the ability to decide where, how and when you work.
Though the brutal truth about being an entrepreneur is always that it’s incredibly time-consuming and downright overwhelming — you have scheduled meetings with clients, time management for all employees, new hires to make, new products to test out, and so much more. Furthermore, you still need to maintain your business running smoothly on top of all the other tasks.

That is why, no matter the kind of crazy deadlines you have in the future, implement these tips for managing your schedule as a successful entrepreneur to keep yourself and your work on track and organized:

1) Establish deadlines
Deadlines are the most effective way to manage time and stay on track. Set deadlines for yourself and your team members to ensure your staff are on the same page on what needs to done and when it needs to be done. This also helps motivate you because you will see results sooner if you know when they will occur.

2) Stop using apps
Apps can be helpful, but they frequently add to our workload. For example, I use Gmail to organize my daily tasks and reminders. However, if I do not act on the notification immediately, I quickly become distracted by other things and forget about them.

Remove all of your apps from your phone or turn off their notifications to avoid being distracted from what you’re working on.

3) Avoid working in your inbox
I’m not sure about you, but I spend a lot of time in my inbox. What begins as a harmless 5-minute check quickly becomes hours of scrolling through messages.

To combat this, I’ve organized my inbox into folders such as “Needs Action Now” and “To Read Later.” This allows me to quickly identify which emails require my attention and spend less time on those that do not.

4) Delegate work
Making time for family, friends, and self-care is important, but juggling multiple jobs can be difficult. Try delegating some of your tasks to help you manage your time more effectively. For example, suppose you delegate responsibility for your social media pages, such as Facebook or Twitter. In that case, you’ll have way more time to really focus on other areas of your business that require attention.

5) Clear the clutter
Staying on the ball can be difficult, especially when tasks accumulate. Sure, having a lot of things we enjoy around us is nice, but it can quickly become overwhelming. And before you know it, your house has become more of an office. Even if you’re not bothered by what’s crammed into your living space, clutter has been shown to contribute to stress and anxiety levels.

Click here and let me know if you found these tips useful.

Have a peaceful and relaxing weekend!

Til next time,

Jeanetta Cardine

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