15 August 2022

Happy Monday Luv,

Today let’s talk about the key to success.

Firstly, I need to tell you this…

You need to adopt a confident mindset and shift your outlook, and having faith in your abilities is a necessary component of achieving this. Even while applying these ideas and developing confidence might often be easier stated than done, there are specific steps you can follow to get there.

You must first learn to love yourself if you want to become fully confident. No matter what occurs in life, when you fall in love with yourself, you’ll be confident because that confidence will come from within.

Learn the skills of self-awareness and self-love before learning the art of self-confidence. Choose your values and stand by them. Accept both your advantages and disadvantages. However, that doesn’t imply you can’t improve such areas. Understanding who you are and what sets you apart from everyone else on the earth is important.

People who lack self-love unconsciously adopt limiting views about their capabilities or the kind of relationships they should seek. Overcoming them is the first step to achieving complete confidence. This results in self-sabotage and the reinforcement of these ideas.

What are the underlying assumptions that are the root of your lack of confidence? The opinions we have about ourselves based on our life experiences are intimately tied to negative feelings like self-doubt or anxiety. Your brain is informing you through them that it’s time to analyze these constricting ideas and swap them out with empowering ones.

Why is it crucial for you to understand how to boost your confidence?
Do you give presentations at gatherings where you have a lot of contact with people?
Do you need to demonstrate a strong sense of leadership because you manage a business or a team?
You might have just started dating and want to leave a good first impression on someone you might find love with.

The first step is to understand why you want to accomplish it in the first place. Knowing your mission makes it easier to retrain your brain to become more confident.

The quickest confidence-boosting advice is to drastically alter your physiology. Remain upright.
Open your chest and square your shoulders.
Take a deep breath.
When you walk, take quick, deliberate steps to cover more ground.
Maintaining this posture makes you feel more powerful, and your mind follows your body wherever it goes.

You can also acquire an advantage in negotiations by studying the physiology of other people. +You can tell how someone views a situation and how they can be influenced by looking at their body angle and how much space they occupy.

Our world is created by our emotions, which are in turn created by our words. The stories we tell ourselves and the language we use to tell those stories are what cause us to feel insecure. Your self-talk has a significant impact on your confidence.
What sort of inquiries are you making of yourself?
If you’re asking yourself, “How come I’m not successful?” “Am I not capable of achieving my goal? “Do other people consider me to be unsuccessful?

Recognize when you are thinking negatively and change your mental pattern. Why wouldn’t I succeed in anything I set my mind to? Why would I waste time worrying about problems rather than concentrating on my advantages?

You receive better answers when you ask better questions.

Fear and anxiety are innate human emotions. However, when you have confidence in yourself, you understand that these feelings are there to motivate you to act, not to stop you.

To overcome your worries, acquire a new talent. Whether you learn how to play the piano or write computer code, you’ll improve your sense of self-efficacy, or confidence in your capacity to carry out activities, manage your behavior, and achieve your objectives. You’ll increase your decision-making abilities, form new neural connections, and more as a result of learning; research has even established a clear link between learning and happiness.

One new ability at a time, you’ll start to believe in your own abilities.

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To Your Success,

Jeanetta Cardine

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