7 October 2022

Hey Luv,

Are you concerned about your career going backwards?

This sounds like a problem that many people face: you’ve reached a point in your business where you can’t go any further unless they leave.

You should consider the following points:

– Have you changed over the last two years?
– Are there any opportunities for growth within the company?
– Could you arrange a meeting with potential clients to discuss next steps?

The more obvious the question, the more important it is to provide an answer.

Something to keep in mind and something you should ask yourself on a regular basis is, “What have I learned and how have I evolved?”

Personal development and being the person who evolves your career is the simplest hack; you have access to millions of online resources and the option to request specific training courses from your company. In this situation, not developing yourself is a hindrance.

Managers frequently cannot answer these tricky questions for a variety of reasons, including concern for their role, competition from you, or losing you to another business, and you are a secret weapon or hidden leader on whom they rely more than they realize.

Many businesses have top-down company culture, which means your boss has far more influence on you than the business around you; it is important to understand if this is true for the entire company or just in your situation. Be cautious when asking these questions, both for yourself and to avoid feeding back to your boss.

We openly encourage you to understand your worth and conduct external interviews. Conducting an interview or interviews will help you understand where you are, what other companies are looking for, and if you can advance in another business. This is frequently a great way to determine whether you are undervalued, underachieving, or simply in the wrong business.

Ceilings are everywhere because the number of employees and senior executives must be limited (despite some companies feeling the opposite).

This is not to say that there are no other opportunities, leadership roles, or opportunities to own other projects outside of your current roles and progress within this organization.

Many times, businesses are looking for leaders to step up and move the company laterally. This is common in many larger organizations, and it is something that I and many others have benefited from.

The harsh reality is that in order to advance or gain growth, you will most likely have to move on or wait for your manager to leave; this is not a foolproof strategy.

For what it’s worth, titles don’t really mean much until you’re looking to leave a role; often, titles are so internally focused that what you have internally is completely different from what you have externally.

Don’t allow your career to go backwards, be sure to develop yourself at all times.

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Have a fabulous weekend,

Jeanetta Cardine

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