04 February 2022


Welcome to the month of February ❤

Wow, I am certainly thrilled about 2022 and all the things we get to do and accomplish throughout this year. I hope that your year has started off well with a good journal and routine in mind, and in action.

I am thrilled that I get to network with you and be an inspiration along your journey. I believe in the empowerment of others and know that where there is positive energy and a spirit to get things done, success looms not far away. I wonder if you would allow me to speak to you about the art of successfully completing tasks. There is much to say and do when I think about it.

We all have this great idea of what our passions are, the things we do in our free time and the things we do in order to forget about larger, almost impossible tasks. Yes! We have a nature of buying beautiful stationery to go along with our beautifully flowered ideas of our to-do lists and often get them jotted down but never completed. Oh yes, I am deep diving today!

Instead of purchasing that journal with all the colorful pens and paper, how about you start putting into practice the task you would have written down.
Hear me out, we love to type certain key phrases into our search engines such as “How to become THAT GIRL” and suddenly our screens are filled with YouTube creatives telling you how to be creative.

Honey, do you see how crazy that is. You are spending heaps of money, purchasing gym tights that are aesthetically pleasing but somehow only make it as far as your couch to watch yet another re-run of friends. GET UP AND GET OUT.

Please see how to become “THAT girl” below:

Instead of watching a video of how to start a morning routine, how about you start setting one for yourself. Set your alarm earlier than you’d usually get up. Get a glass of water to wake your body and start by making your bed.
Make up for last night by journaling first thing in the morning, instead of trying to squeeze it in between lunch hour and bedtime.

Make yourself a healthy breakfast (no it does not require a buffet). Eat some goods that you know will fill you up for a couple of hours and is good for your body. Next, move towards meeting yourself where you are at. Stop trying the hard Nike workout that you know is going to physically cause injury and pain. Start where your body feels comfortable and gradually increase the intensity of the workouts as you go. Better yet, find someone who is interested in doing a workout with you and at your pace and level.

Track your habits at becoming a better you. If you need to stand in the mirror and gush over how you have suddenly gained some abs in the space of an hour- DO IT and DO IT WELL!
There is no need to constantly buy into the new and best workout and products that your social media is selling you. Find the things that work for you. Work on the way you prepare your breakfast and see how consistent you become at improving the method and ingredients of things that work for you.

Believe me, it is hard especially because the first few months of every year is set out as the time to improve and work on ourselves. Yet, this entire 2022 can be a year where you push yourself and boundaries in a positive trajectory.

All my Love,

Jeanetta Cardine

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