28 February 2022

Hi Luv,

It is officially the last day of February. We are moving into a new month very soon and I am optimistic and ready to dive into it.
I have been thinking about the wonders of each year and how regardless of the time of year, there is a lot happening for each of us. Whether we find ourselves celebrating promotions, victories or even mourning the loss of our loved ones or ideas that we have dreamed of, it is all happening in and around us.

There is a beautiful nature to life. To this part of life. The parts where we come undone and heal all at once, and I wonder if I could speak to you about this today. We often hold on to a thought or notion about how we aim to achieve our dreams and maintain our values as we journey. Yet, we also forget this imperative characteristic as we move: CONSISTENCY.

Consistency as we know it, is a tough thing. I mean, when we start out our new workout routine we get so psyched out by the idea that we even go and purchase new equipment and gear to feed our excited. We have a great idea of how each workout will be planned for the rest of the week and even plan on how we are going to wake up and get it done.

Yet somehow, we forget that our thoughts for today are not always our emotions and actions for tomorrow. We wake up the next day and one crumb of doubt and laziness creeps over us and we are back at square one. The gym gear and equipment now stored in its trail of dust and inconsistency. We forget that consistency is a meditation and constant reminder as you move throughout your day. It is not something we think of now and store away at the end of our day.

Luv, consistency will be your bridge. It will fill the gap between your failure and your future success story. It will set you apart from others and keep you running a race, where others have already counted themselves out. It will allow you to enter rooms and open doors that your dreams will shake.

Allow yourself to move through consistency, even if it feels uncomfortable and slow at some places. Move with it, rather than placing it away like a medal that’s beautiful to look at, but brings no value to you.

I know it is hard but I believe that you can do it.

I’ll see you in March!

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