16 September 2022

Hey Luv,

Aren’t you happy that Friday is finally here!

Today I wanted to share tips on how to handle back-to-back meetings and stressed colleagues. So here goes:

* Tip 1: Make a list of meetings and decide which ones to attend:
– Keep – essential and must be a part of keeping things running smoothly.
– Killing – is pointless because no one benefits and you are wasting your time.
– Cure – somewhat useful, review and optimize the parts that can be changed, reduce chatter, and focus on more actionable agendas.

* Tip 2: Why are meetings being cancelled around lunchtime?
Lunch is frequently a meeting slot that many people eat through but rarely concentrate on, and it often goes on for far too long. Schedule a lunch break in your calendar. If you have a team, have them all do the same thing and reject meetings for 45-60 minutes at a time.

The important thing to remember is, does anything break when you go on vacation? The brutally honest answer is nothing; if it does, you should reconsider how you document and share the problems you are working on or creating for those around you.

* Tip 3: Maintain strict time management in and around meetings.
Meeting design is both an art and a science; ensuring the right interaction, agenda, and attendees is a deliberate act that requires a strong head and time management to handle, organize, and keep those around you on track.

* Tip 4: Choose two times when there are no meetings over the next four weeks.
Look for times that equal 90 minutes, then set a status of “do not disturb” and get some work done. Encourage the team to do the same.
If you schedule meetings during these times, you will be hurting yourself and those around you. 90 minutes per day should not be difficult to find or complete.

Meetings are a mindset; for some, it’s a chance to hide, for others, it’s a chance to be noticed; figure out the motivations and you can eliminate the need for meetings or attend them.

Remember that we can only do so much; try to stay ahead of the game to avoid having too much on your plate.

Click here and share how you handle stressful situations in your workplace.

Have an amazing weekend!

Jeanetta Cardine

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