4 July 2022

Happy Monday Luv.

I want to know, have you ever asked yourself-

What’s the Rush?

Am I the only one, or does it seem like the more we have, the more we want? The more things we seem to acquire for our business and the easier things get for us, the more discontent we become?

It’s like we’re always looking for the next best thing and living for tomorrow—when we’ll finally have it all—instead of living in today. We’ve become so spoiled as a society with technology and our cushy lifestyles. We dream about more, more, more, and then some more.

Everyone’s rushing to get to the top, while failing to realize that the “top” is just a mindset; it can be limitless if you let it be!

Instead, people are in a great big hurry to get nowhere in particular. It’s like they’re running in a race, trying to get to where they want to go and convincing themselves that they’ll only have worth when they reach that next “level.” Everyone wants to save time getting to the top, but all they end up doing is wasting it.

The trick is choosing the road that best suits your business and finding happiness at as many stops along the way as you can. It’s important to pay attention to all the good things in our lives and enjoy them to the fullest. That’ll be much more likely to bring about happiness than waiting for it to arrive after the goal is complete.

Be happy FIRST!

Happiness isn’t in trying to achieve goals; it’s in knowing that the process, not the outcome, is what’s most important, and that process shouldn’t be rushed.

Finding happiness means taking the time to enjoy what’s around us today, appreciating that we’re alive, that today is all we have, and that the process is what really matters.

Once you finally reach your goals, take time to breathe the fresh air, celebrate, and treat yourself . However, you decide to celebrate, know that you deserve to, at least, participate in enjoying your accomplishments.

Be appreciative of who you are, seeing your worth in the process of life instead of at the end of some goal

Some of us have become accustomed to looking at the bad and constantly complaining about where we’re at in our businesses, that gives us the motivation to look for more, instead of seeing the value in what we already have, and it removes the option of being happy with where we are at now.

You have to train yourself to look at the unique, enjoyable moments you overlook as if they don’t mean anything—like the fact that you’re alive and breathing! You have to remember how special and fortunate you are.

When you realize this is true, you’ll want to experience  and enjoy the process!

You’re unique, and your life has meaning. No matter who you are, where you find yourself within your business you have something to be grateful for; you have something to offer other than how many goals you reach. You have to believe that and honor yourself, your dreams, and your business.

Are you ready to start trusting your process? 

To Your Success,

Jeanetta Cardine

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