21 November 2022

Happy Monday luv,

Let me ask you a question:
What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving is one of the most joyous occasions of the year.

The link between gratitude and Thanksgiving is deeply ingrained in the holiday. Some of us grew up going around the table each year and sharing something we’re thankful for. There are social media feeds that are full of quotes about Thanksgiving and gratitude, along with hashtags like “#blessed” and “#thankful.” There’s no doubt that these feelings are genuine, but there’s a distinction between being thankful and being grateful.

Being thankful is a fleeting sensation. It’s when your partner handles the housework or errands, a coworker takes your place at work, or a complete stranger discovers and returns your wallet. Being grateful, on the other hand, is a state of mind.


The season of Thanksgiving is an excellent time to build habits that will lead you to have an abundance mindset.

Give something back – Volunteer, prepare an extra meal for a neighbor, donate money, or invite someone to dinner who has nowhere else to go. Giving back satisfies our most basic human needs, especially during the holidays.

Pay attention – Often, the greatest gift we can give our loved ones is our presence. Use the holiday season to reconnect with friends and family. Put your phones down, be fully present, and magic will happen.

Trade expectations for growth – It’s all too easy to let family feuds or clashing personalities get in the way of a thankful Thanksgiving. But your world changes when you let go of expectations and look for what you appreciate about each person in your life.

Share your memories and your goals – It’s all about making and sharing memories during the holidays. So remember this past year, relive your favorite moments, and look for the good amidst the bad. As a result, you’ll feel more connected to your family and discover a more meaningful type of Thanksgiving gratitude.

Here’s what my thanksgiving recipe will include…

– A vat of love,
– An endless supply of life,
– A generous helping of friends,
– 100 ladles of family,
– Heaped tablespoons of good health,
– One teaspoon from home,
– Sprinkles from everyone,
– Bowls of everything that makes you happy,
– Fold in scoops of love from your pets,
– Combine the power of prayer with God’s immutable grace…
– Stir vigorously until grateful, and serve!

What is your thanksgiving recipe?

Talk soon, 

Jeanetta Cardine

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