17 August 2022

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Are you taking care of yourself?

Self-care definitions are always changing. It formerly brought to mind images of bubble baths and cucumbers over the eyes. Today, however, self-care can refer to any activity that aids in refocusing, relaxing, and recharging.
Yoga, meditation, exercise, creative endeavors, and even time spent with friends could fall under the category of self-care.

Although self-care has lately become a trendy topic, it does not diminish how important it is, especially for business owners. A business’s development and expansion present severe challenges. The best people to take on that task are those who are well-rested, well-fed, and focused on the value of wellbeing.

Let’s look at how you can apply self-care as an entrepreneur:

Being an entrepreneur can be thrilling, motivated by passion, profitable, and personally satisfying. Due to the numerous challenges each day provides, it can also be emotionally draining and exhausting. Without a strong emphasis on health and wellness, an entrepreneur’s perspective may tilt, making it more difficult to achieve their objectives. Entrepreneurs face a heavier stress burden than the majority of people and can easily become overwhelmed.

Prioritizing self-care can be a key component of successfully navigating the entrepreneurial waters, whether you’re running a brick and mortar business, offering a service to a constant stream of customers, or hosting a successful podcast. Entrepreneurs frequently put more emphasis on working long hours than taking care of themselves.

In the long run, self-care activities can increase productivity and make you feel more content in your chosen vocation.
Here are some excellent self-care routines to adopt as you manage your enterprise.

1. Provide your body with nutritious food
Fueling your body with good foods, relaxation, and exercise is the first step to having the vigor and strength to manage a business.
Self-employed people frequently work through the night to make their goals come true. This tendency to overwork can cause you to eat whatever is nearby and make unhealthy dietary decisions.

Focusing on a balanced diet will make a difference even if you’re not ready to give up late nights and long hours. A service that allows you to heat and eat meals or a meal delivery service that portions the materials of various meals may be solutions to these problems.

Maintaining proper body hydration is crucial, so keep a jug of water nearby.

2. Make sleep top priority
As we previously discussed, business owners are renowned for putting work and rest before sleep. A regular night and sleep pattern will ultimately increase productivity, provide the mind more room for creativity, and be good for your health.

According to the CDC, one third of individuals do not get enough sleep each night. The typical adult should aim for 7 hours of sleep per night. Although getting rest seems like a no-brainer, so many business owners find it difficult to unwind.

Just one more email or being in “busy mode” mentalities can frequently mean that sleep is sacrificed. You can determine how much sleep you require if you establish a regular sleep cycle.

3. Establish clear business boundaries
You could be tempted to take calls at all hours of the day, respond to emails right away, and always be available when establishing your business, especially for your clients and team. Having no boundaries, however, might result in erratic sleeping patterns, exhaustion, and bad dietary decisions. Then, all of a sudden, burnout comes knocking at your door.

The idea that you can do anything you want, create your own schedule, and have flexibility in business is one that non-entrepreneurs hold dear. While there is some truth to it, companies and business owners create these firms to meet the demands of their customers or find solutions to issues.

The key to your success is making sure that clients are aware of your regular working hours and that you are “available for calls.” I’ve found it helpful to include my response times in my email signature.

4. Take regular breaks
These self-care suggestions may have struck a chord with you because it is undeniable that business owners frequently overwork themselves.

Make it a point to take short breaks whenever you can, even if it’s only to sit outside and take in the sunshine. Even if you have to force yourself to stop working. The pattern serves as a recharge by preventing you from staring at a screen, thinking about a procedure, solving a problem, or using up energy on a call.

5. Outsource work
Knowing when to say “no” and what tasks is better left to others is a big component of practicing self-care. We can have preconceived notions about how we want things to be done and how they ought to turn out. But the more you give yourself permission to consider your zone, the more you’ll be able to contribute.

If you don’t take care of yourself, no-one will!

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