15 July 2022

Hey Luv, Happy Friday!

Have you ever observed really great business owners? Then you will notice one thing: They are great at making decisions!

The key to growing your business is to be able to make the right decisions as you go. As an entrepreneur, being great at making the right decisions is crucial to your business.

Our intellect is sometimes limited. It only knows what it already does. Besides, the purpose of the mind was not for making decisions, but for processing information.

So, since your intellect only has access to a fraction, your intuition has infinite knowledge. And that’s why the intuitive decisions or our gut instincts don’t always make sense to us. It’s simply because you don’t have a lot of information in your mind to understand the logic behind it.

Many entrepreneurs make decisions based on the circumstances they see in the world other than the desire that’s coming from within. That can lead to making decisions that are coming from fear or even scarcity. This is a very limited and discouraging way of making decisions, and it’s also a definite way to not get what you truly want in your business and in life.

The world on the outside will continue to give you the perception of limitation. Limitations around how much money you can spend, how much time you have, what’s possible and what’s not.

So next time you need to make a decision in your business, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want it? Feel into your body. What is it telling you?
  • Does this feel right?
  • Does this make you feel excited?
  • Will this bring you closer to your goal?
  • Will it stretch you out of your comfort zone or even make you a little scared?

If you answer yes to all of these questions, then it’s definitely the right thing to do, but the crucial thing here is to tune into your body to see how it feels, not how your mind thinks.

And remember, as Maya Angelou said:

“ We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.”

Have a great weekend!

Jeanetta Cardine

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